deep down, you're human too

with deirdre dionysiac

it's sterile!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
witches & droogs
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Artist Song Album Label Comments

PALE COCOON automatic doll jian ("cocoon") pafe record ("toy box 01")
DANIEL LENTZ midnight white after images (10") cold blue records
HAROLD BUDD & COCTEAU TWINS why do you love me? the moon and the melodies 4ad
SLOWDIVE shine holding our breath creation records
P1/E dependence dependence (7") exil-system
DANIEL LENTZ wolf is dead... on the leopard altar icon records
DAVID ASTRI everyone has feeling / up do it right award records

KARMA MOFFETT "sitting still within"
SEXTETO ELECTRONICO MODERNO vivre pout vivir (vivir por vivir) sexteto electronico moderno london records
RUBIN STEINER & CHARLIE O l'art du chindogu jingles & generiques ppt/stembogen
DRAGIBUS recre a 3 jingles & generiques ppt/stembogen
DAVID LYNCH, ALAN R. SPLET in heaven (lady in the radiator song) eraserhead original soundtrack i.r.s. records
THE HATERS glsam in the shade of fire silent
HEINZ & FRANZ immer (split cass. w/ a.f. moebius) klangfarbe
HASH JAR TEMPO untitled #1 well oiled drunken fish
HENNING CHRISTIANSEN op.50: requiem of art op.50: requiem of art (aus "celtic") fluxorum organum ii penultimate press

THE PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD accessories the parasites of the western world de stijl
MASTER WILBURN BURCHETTE love call guitar grimoire numero group, burchette brothers productions
THE NEW CREATION dig! (the origin of man) troubled alphomega records
'BLUE' GENE TYRANNY next time might be your time out of the blue lovely music, ltd.
HAMA torodi torodi sahel sounds
RUINS short wave short wave (7") art retro ideas
HE SAID kidnap yourself hail mute
ZS acres of skin new slaves the social registry
GEORGIAN CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE "AI LA" fadishakhi dadadebis dghe melodija

FLORIAN HECKER "acid in the style of david tudor"
DANIEL LENTZ dancing in the sun after images (10") cold blue records