don't back the front

with dana k

dry ribbeagle's wagwhose last trickle2008/orig late 70s
kitchen & the plastic spoonshappy funeralscreams to god2013 (orig. early 80s)
the red krayola with art and languagekangaroo? + portrait of v. i. lenin in the style of jackson pollock, part 1 kangaroo?1981
cardiacsin a city lininga little man and a house and the whole world window1988
devo wiggly worldduty now for the future1979
nash the slashnormaland you thought you were normal1982
el aviador drobrigada de demolicionalas sobre del mundo1982
ptoseecraser la verminepoisson soluble1983
canvitamin cege bamyasi1972
orchid spangiaforamondo stupidflee past ape's elf1979
thomas brinkmannTLVa 1000 keys2017*
henry cowhalf asleep; half awakeunrest1974
negativlandthe perfect cuthelter stupid1989
big stickdrag racing7"1985
butthole surfersrickyhairway to steven1988
colin potterbehind youa gain1982
renaldo and the loafhonest joe's indian gets the goat on the way to the cowboys' congasongs for swinging larvae1981
uz jsme domakovbojskausi1999
laddio bolockonurserstrange warmings of laddio bolocko1997
carolinerhazel wet laprise of the common woodpile2001
thinking fellers union local 282februarystrangers from the universe1994
jock gangamen loveEP2016*
boredomssuper aresuper are1998
rich labontemayan canalsmayan canals2017/1981*