don't sub the front

with dana k

Thursday, December 7, 2017
20:00 to 22:00
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orange juicepoor old soul pt. 17"1981
woodentopsit will come12"1985
the squaresthis is airebeat7"1979
the timeswhatever happened to thamesbeat?this is london1983
mick troublesecond offenseit's the mick trouble EP2017
the suburban homespart time punks 2016...are bored2016
patrik fitzgeraldirrelevant battlesthe paranoid ward1978
gentleman jesse & his menhighland crawlers/t2008
the only oneslovers of today7"1977
stiff little fingersnobody's heropeel sessions1979
the starjetsschooldays7"1979
rudibig time7"1978
the moondogsimposter7"1981
protexa place in your heart7"1980
stiff little fingersalternative ulster7"1978
the shivversno substitutelost hits from milwaukee's first family of powerpop2006 (orig early 80s)
sex clark fivedetention girlsstrum and drum!1987
speedieslet me take your foto7"1979
the number oneslie to me7"2017
the smartheartslet's ridedemo2016
the real kidsno place fastoutta place1982
the cucumbersmy boyfriendteenline demo recorded in 1981
pointed sticksout of luckperfect youth1980
the keeperslonely girlin the meantime2003 (orig mid 80s)
reesa and the rootersvix bidet partylive on philly tv??1981?
dexys midnight runnersbreakin down the walls of heartache7"1980
bandwagonbreakin down the walls of heartache7"1968
redskinslean on me7"1983
the higsonsi don't want to live with monkeys7"1984
APBshoot you downsomething to believe in1985
josef kheart of songthe only fun in town1981
the great leap forwardhope's not enough, son - ask your parentscontrolling the edges of tone1987
the jampretty greensound affects1980
exploding heartsthorns & rosesguitar romantic2002
razztime framestime frames2017
the modernsgot to have poppowerpearls vol 21998/1979
home blitztwo stepsout of phase2009
plow unitedmartins/t1995
worriersself esteemedsurvival pop2017*
kleenex girl wondertendency right foot forwardponyoak1999
m.o.t.omonth of sundaysbolt1996
honey radarblackhawk alarmsplit 7"2017
guided by voicesboy whow do you spell heaven?2017*
the cannanestake me to the hotel johanna (and let's trash the joint)a love affair with nature1989
the creation factorylet me go7"2017
panther burnswhistleblower blues7"2017*
cleaners from venussong for syd barrettunder wartime conditions1984
tommy keenenothing happened yesterdayplaces that are gone1984