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Piero Umiliani Vierno / Funiculě Funicula MusicaelettronicaEasy Tempo Right Tempo
Stereo Total Und Wer Wird Sich Um Mich Kummern? Total PopLe Grand Magistery
The 6ths with Gary NumanThe Sailor in Love with the Sea Hyacinths and ThistlesMerge2000
MatmosPolychordsSupreme BalloonMatador2008
MathematiciansXOXOLevel Two2007
The Magnetic FieldsI Wish I Had An Evil TwinINonesuch2004
Albert Marcoeur Les Gonfleurs De Bicyclette Sports Et Percussions1994; French composer & singer who mixes melodic, rhythmic and sonic experimentations with fancy nursery rhymes, humorous and offbeat lyrics. He has been called "The French Frank Zappa"
Andre Popp Musique MechaniquePopp Musique French composer, arranger and screenwriter who began as a church organist, filling the place of his father who had been called up to serve in World War II in 1939.
The Magnetic FieldsHow to Play the Synthesizer50 Song MemoirNonesuch2017
John MausThe People Are MissingScreen MemoriesRibbon2017*
KraftwerkRadioactivity Radio-Activity Kling Klang1975; 5th studio album
Laurie Spiegel Appalachian Grove IThe Expanding UniverseUnseen Worlds1974; a collection of works by Spiegal spanning from 1973-78 comprised of 2½ hours of music created at Bell Telephone Labs during the 1970s.Best known for her use of interactive and algorithmic logic as part of the compositional process, Spiegel worked with Buchla and Electronic Music Laboratories synthesizers and subsequently many early, often experimental and prototype-level music and image generation systems, including GROOVE system (1973–1978), Alles Machine (1977) and Max Mathews's RTSked and John R. Pierce tunings (1984, later known as the Bohlen–Pierce scale) at Bell Labs, the alphaSyntauri for the Apple II (1978–1981) and the McLeyvier (1981–1985). Tomorrow is the last day to catch the exhibit "Making/Breaking the Binary: Women, Art & Technology: 1968-1985," at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at University of the Arts, curated by WPRB alum Kelsey Halliday-Johnson
Terry RileyDescending Moonshine DervishesDescending Moonshine DervishesKuckuck Records1975; Pioneer in the minimalist school of Western classical music, best known for his landmark 1964 composition, "In C," and 1969 composition "A Rainbow In Curved Air." His work is deeply influenced by both jazz and Indian classical music, and has utilized innovative tape music techniques and delay systems.
Ryuichi TakadaDan Don FugaKatamari Damacy
Oliver WittchowKristallo8-Bit Operators: The Music of Kraftwerk Performed onVintage 8-Bit Video Game SystemsAstralwerksCover of Kraftwerk song from album Ralf und Florian, 1973 C
Midnight SisterThe CrowSaturn Over SunsetJagjaguwar2017*
Benjamin ClementineGod Save the JungleI Tell A FlyBarclay2017; English artist, poet, composer, and musician who was born in London and later moved to Paris and became homeless as a teenager. In Paris he became famous a cult figure in the music and art scene, he then moved backed to London.*
ColleenA Flame My Love, A FrequencyA Flame My Love, A FrequencyThrill Jockey2017; Colleen, AKA, Cecile Schott is a composer of electronic and ambient music based in France.*
Clare Grogan with The 6thsNight Falls Like a Grand Piano Hyacinths and Thistles 2000
Clue to Kalo We'll Live Free (In NYC) Come Here When You SleepwalkMush2003
ChromehoofKnopheriaBlack GoldCuneiform2013
Dan DeaconSnookeredBromstCarpark Records2009; Baltihorse
GenesisDuke's TravelsDuke Atlantic1980; 10th studio album
PonytailBeg WavesIce Cream SpiritualWe Are Free2008; Baltimore
ChromolodeonPolygon SunThe Final RecordingsPhilly!