the unbearable lightness of being in love

with alice apollonian

locked in their likeness

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
witches & droogs
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
GOBLIN death valzer / suspiria suspiria cinevox
STARA RZEKA przbudzenie boga wschodu cien chmury nad ukrytym polem instant classic + an angry crowd
HALIM EL-DABH an escher staircase xango ka o pointless

MILK FROM CHELTENHAM mr. fridge triptych of poisoners superior viaduct
Y PANTS love's a disease beat it down water wing records
HANDS TO o canada do not touch them forced nostalgia + the magic organ
HAGAR THE WOMB one bright spark funnery in a nunnery abstract sounds
HALF JAPANESE everything is right we are they who ache with amorous love psycho acoustic sounds
HAIR POLICE let's see who's here and who's not obedience cuts freedom from
HASIL ADKINS we got a date out to hunch norton records
HAJIME TACHIBANA the bassman from ldk h yen records
HENRI POUSSEUR parabolic from hell 5 parabolique d'enfer sub rosa + the hilliard ensemble
HANS APPELQVIST ur havsdjupen sjunga slutet nu hapna
GOBLIN sighs suspiria cinevox
THE HAFLER TRIO bread & shit a cure for kenophobia: recordings 87-99 vinyl-on-demand + mother of sighs, mother of darkness, mother of tears
DIE FORM grobmutter traum die form 1 bain total

HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS durch die wuste durch die wuste sky records
DEUX FILLES the five sexes space & time les disques du crepuscule
GOBLIN blind concert suspiria cinevox
HATFIELD AND THE NORTH shaving is boring hatfield and the north virgin
THE HAT SHOES battre des paupieres differently desperate recrec music
GASTON BORREANI aquarium reve abyssal editions montparnasse 2000
HEATHER LEIGH fairfield fantasy i abused animal ideologic organ
GROUPER traveling through a sea dragging a dead deer up a hill type
DANIEL LENTZ midnight white after images cold blue records
HAILU MERGIA hari meru meru hailu mergia & his classical instrument: shemonmuanaye awesome tapes from africa
GOBLIN markos suspiria cinevox
HENK BADINGS verkurtze fassung der elektronischen ballettmusik "kain und abel" philips' technische rundschau 19 (1957/58) nr. 6 (7") philips
HARUOMI HOSONO galaga video game music yen records
HARRY MERRY real life first contact (bonus 7") ole records
DINOSAURS WITH HORNS absinthe dinosaurs with horns the solid eye
THE LIFT BOYS anarchy village anarchy village / anarchy way (7") kazoo
THE MAGIC ORGAN the beautiful dishwasher / pennsylvania polka street fair ranwood
HEAVENLY boyfriend stays the same heavenly vs. satan sarah records