the unbearable lightness of being in love

with alice apollonian

locked in their likeness

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
witches & droogs
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HAJIME TACHIBANAthe bassman from ldkhyen records
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HAILU MERGIAhari meru meruhailu mergia & his classical instrument: shemonmuanayeawesome tapes from africa
HENK BADINGSverkurtze fassung der elektronischen ballettmusik "kain und abel"philips' technische rundschau 19 (1957/58) nr. 6 (7")philips
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HARRY MERRYreal lifefirst contact (bonus 7")ole records
DINOSAURS WITH HORNSabsinthedinosaurs with hornsthe solid eye
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THE MAGIC ORGANthe beautiful dishwasher / pennsylvania polkastreet fairranwood
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