with Abbie from Mars

Thursday, November 30, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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Stuart Saunders SmithTunnelsCruxO.O. Discs
Barre PhillipsMountainscapes V and VIMountainscapesECM
Thomas BrinkmannCGNA 1000 KeysEditions Megowith Barre Phillips "Mountainscape VII" overtop*
Missing Foundation[side 2]1933 Your House Is MinePurge / Sound League
Googie ReneFirebirdFantastic Soulisticated Music (Funk Is Everywhere)Soul Patrol C
Teach Me TigerBedroom DubRemember Me, Remember U 7"Fantastic
Winston WrightMoonlight GrooverMoonlight GrooverTrojan C
The Three JacksSpanish ShawlHawaiian Steel Guitar Classics Volume 2 (1927-1934)Folklyric C

voices of Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover
Nathan JohnsonIn the EndIn the End EPLo Bit Landscapes the gang's all here!*
SpongegodGirls in SkirtsMimi Rogers 7"Coolidge
What NowNoisemakerSmall Record with Four SongsIncas
Dreams So RealEverywhere Girl7" singleCoyote
The Adult NetIncense & PeppermintsIncense & Peppermints 7"Beggars Banquet
Mode/IQThe Coward7" single
Eddy DetroitI Am PazuzuImmortal God'sMajora
Bay of PigsAddictionAddiction 7"Subterranean
Hugh Cornwell & Robert WilliamsRythmic ItchNosferatuUnited Artists
MX-80 SoundO-Type7" singleRalph
St. VincentMarrowActor4AD
DudsNo RemarkOf A Nature Or DegreeCastle Face
True RumorIowaIowa 7"Trumusic
Brian Eno & John CaleBeen There Done ThatWrong Way UpOpal
The Style CouncilSpeak7" singlePolydor
Roy Orbison, Alex Orbison, Chuck TurnerIt Wasn't Very Long AgoRoy Orbison: The MGM Years 1965-1973Ume
Peter IversTerminal LoveTerminal LoveRhino/Warner Bros.
ZuZu's Petals Johanne7" singleCommunity
Steve Gunn & Mike CooperPena PanoramaCantos de LisboaRVNG Intl.the boys are back... talking over each other again
GeoticNavAbysmaGhostly InternationalI don't really like deep house... it sounds much better to me with dead presidents speaking over it

Ben FrostThreshold of FaithThe Centre Cannot HoldMute*
Harald GrosskopfSynthesistSynthesistBureau B
U-MenBlightDiscographySub Pop*