The Acid Casualties (continued)

with deirdre dionysiac

the new transcendentalism, pt. 2

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
witches & droogs
other shows

THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWNpreludethe crazy world of arthur browntrack record1968
BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL & THE FREEDOM ORCHESTRAlucifer rising, takes four and fivelucifer risingthe ajna offensive1980/2014
BOBBY BROWNif the angels cryprayers of a one man banddel rio records & tapes1982/2016
ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKYtrance mutationthe holy mountain ostfinders keepers1973/2015
TAMALPAIS EXCHANGEhere we aretamalpais exchangeatlantic1970
EDDIE CALLAHANwhere will we be tomorrowfalse egotime-lag records1976/2011
WILD MAN FISCHERi'm not shy anymore / the wild man fischer storyan evening with wild man fischerbizarre records, reprise records1969
WILD MAN FISCHERthe circlethe circle / merry-go-roundreprise records1968

break: MERLE EVANS "circus spectacular", pres. by ringling brothers and barnum & bailey
THE NEW CREATIONcountdown to revolution!troubledalphomega records1970
SISTER IRENE O'CONNORteenager's chorusfire of god's lovephilips1973
MORT GARSON & JACQUES WILSONprologuethe wozard of iz: an electronic odysseya&m records1968
THE SEARCH PARTYspeak to memontgomery chapelcentury records1969
THE BACHSminister to a mind diseasedout of the bachstime-lag records1968/2011
CIRCUIT RIDERlimousine ridecircuit riderself-released1980
TUCKER ZIMMERMANfreewaytucker zimmermanthe village thing1972
THE CONTENTS AREi don't knowi don't know / direction of mindrok records1967
DRYWATERairplane riderbackbone of the nationtime-lag records1973/2012
THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERSthe i.w.w. songindian war whoopesp disk1967
SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERStrou macacqperennial favoritesmammoth records1998
IGOR WAKHEVITCHlicornesdocteur faustfauni gena1971/2012
ROKY ERICKSONi love the living younever say goodbyeemperor jones1999 (rec. 1971 at rusk mental hospital)

break: MEDICO DOKTOR VIBES "diska limba man / kalimba tune"
THE BRAEN'S MACHINEimphormalundergroundschema1971/2014
ALEXANDER 'SKIP' SPENCEgrey/afrooarcolumbia1969
THE UNITSnaked in the afternoonready for the housecorwood industries1978
BILL HOLTprogram ten, part fourdreamies: auralgraphic entertainmentstone theatre productions1973
NORBERT GLANZBERGla sorcierethe night of the hunter 7"finders keepers2013 (rec. 1956)
CHRISTOPHER TOPHILLthe song of the shadowsclassroom projects - incredible music made by children in schoolstrunk records2013
MISTRESS MARYand i didn't want youhousewifeafton co.1969
WALTER SCHUMANN (ft. SALLY JANE BRUCE)pearl's dreamthe night of the hunter 7"finders keepers2013 (rec. 1955)
KAREN DALTONblues on the ceilingit's so hard to tell who's going to love you the bestcapitol records1969
DEUX FILLESl'intriguesilence & wisdompapier mache1982
THE INCREDIBLE STRING BANDyou get brighterwee tamelektra1968
KATHY HEIDEMANsleep a million yearsmove with lovecountry flavor records1976

break: PERSONA "vento"
PERRY LEOPOLDcold in philadelphiaexperiment in metaphysicsself-released1970
CHRIS BELLbetter save yourselfi am the cosmosrykodisc1992 (rec. 1978)

break: DONNIE & JOE EMERSON "baby"
NORA GUTHRIEhome before darkemily's illness 7"mercury1967
SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERSit's overperennial favoritesmammoth records1998
THE BLUE THINGSyou can live in our treeyou can live in our treerca victor1967