The Acid Casualties (continued)

with deirdre dionysiac

the new transcendentalism, pt. 2

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
witches & droogs
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN prelude the crazy world of arthur brown track record 1968
BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL & THE FREEDOM ORCHESTRA lucifer rising, takes four and five lucifer rising the ajna offensive 1980/2014
BOBBY BROWN if the angels cry prayers of a one man band del rio records & tapes 1982/2016
ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY trance mutation the holy mountain ost finders keepers 1973/2015
TAMALPAIS EXCHANGE here we are tamalpais exchange atlantic 1970
EDDIE CALLAHAN where will we be tomorrow false ego time-lag records 1976/2011
WILD MAN FISCHER i'm not shy anymore / the wild man fischer story an evening with wild man fischer bizarre records, reprise records 1969
WILD MAN FISCHER the circle the circle / merry-go-round reprise records 1968

break: MERLE EVANS "circus spectacular", pres. by ringling brothers and barnum & bailey
THE NEW CREATION countdown to revolution! troubled alphomega records 1970
SISTER IRENE O'CONNOR teenager's chorus fire of god's love philips 1973
MORT GARSON & JACQUES WILSON prologue the wozard of iz: an electronic odyssey a&m records 1968
THE SEARCH PARTY speak to me montgomery chapel century records 1969
THE BACHS minister to a mind diseased out of the bachs time-lag records 1968/2011
CIRCUIT RIDER limousine ride circuit rider self-released 1980
TUCKER ZIMMERMAN freeway tucker zimmerman the village thing 1972
THE CONTENTS ARE i don't know i don't know / direction of mind rok records 1967
DRYWATER airplane rider backbone of the nation time-lag records 1973/2012
THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS the i.w.w. song indian war whoop esp disk 1967
SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS trou macacq perennial favorites mammoth records 1998
IGOR WAKHEVITCH licornes docteur faust fauni gena 1971/2012
ROKY ERICKSON i love the living you never say goodbye emperor jones 1999 (rec. 1971 at rusk mental hospital)

break: MEDICO DOKTOR VIBES "diska limba man / kalimba tune"
THE BRAEN'S MACHINE imphormal underground schema 1971/2014
ALEXANDER 'SKIP' SPENCE grey/afro oar columbia 1969
KUUPUU niittyleikki yokehra dekorder 2006
THE UNITS naked in the afternoon ready for the house corwood industries 1978
BILL HOLT program ten, part four dreamies: auralgraphic entertainment stone theatre productions 1973
NORBERT GLANZBERG la sorciere the night of the hunter 7" finders keepers 2013 (rec. 1956)
CHRISTOPHER TOPHILL the song of the shadows classroom projects - incredible music made by children in schools trunk records 2013
MISTRESS MARY and i didn't want you housewife afton co. 1969
WALTER SCHUMANN (ft. SALLY JANE BRUCE) pearl's dream the night of the hunter 7" finders keepers 2013 (rec. 1955)
KAREN DALTON blues on the ceiling it's so hard to tell who's going to love you the best capitol records 1969
DEUX FILLES l'intrigue silence & wisdom papier mache 1982
THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND you get brighter wee tam elektra 1968
KATHY HEIDEMAN sleep a million years move with love country flavor records 1976

break: PERSONA "vento"
PERSONA lago som self-released 1975
PERRY LEOPOLD cold in philadelphia experiment in metaphysics self-released 1970
CHRIS BELL better save yourself i am the cosmos rykodisc 1992 (rec. 1978)

break: DONNIE & JOE EMERSON "baby"
NORA GUTHRIE home before dark emily's illness 7" mercury 1967
SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS it's over perennial favorites mammoth records 1998
THE BLUE THINGS you can live in our tree you can live in our tree rca victor 1967