don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, November 24, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
the slits ping pong affair cut 1979
the dicks the dicks hate the police kill from the heart 1983
the consumers anti, anti, anti all of my friends are dead 1978/1995
frontline power in our minds power in our minds 1981
mood of defiance american love story life is boring so why not steal this record 1983
dag nasty one to two can i say 1986
the bags we will bury you all bagged up 2007; orig late 70s
crass darling stations of the crass 1979
ruin life after life fiat lux 1986
really red prostitution let them eat jellybeans 1981
feederz have you never been mellow? ever feel like killing your boss? 1984
pure hell these boots are made for walking 7" 1978
electric eels cyclotron die electric eels 1978/2014
avengers friends of mine died for your sins 1978/1999
protex don't ring me up 7" 1978
johnny thunders & the heartbreakers born to lose 7" 1977
VKTMS midget midget EP 1979
flag of democracy houses made for mannequins shatter your dreams 1986
conflict (us) listen to the news final hour 1983
husker du sore eyes (demo) savage young du 2017; orig early 80s
meat puppets h-elenore keats rides a harley 1981
void change places faith/void 1982
minutemen it's expected i'm gone double nickels on the dime 1984
the u-men trouble under water s/t 2017; orig late 80s
bruised city s/t cassette 2017
crayola summer she didn't like flowers i know who we are 2017
flat worms goodbye texas s/t 2017 *
frau high heels demo 2015
patsy the red door LA women 2017
downtown boys tonta cost of living 2017 *
rakta atrativos da mentira oculta pero seres 7" 2017
heterofobia sudor eres tan guapo 2017
gSp i'm supposed to be alone 12" 2017
useless eaters singles: 2011-2014 plague is vague 2015
metz drained lake strange peace 2017 *
radiation risks headless horseman 7" 2017
the astronauts seagull mania it's all done by mirrors 1984/2017
neutrals england's not a place promotional cassette 2 2017
gee tee thugs in cars 7" 2017
mozart miserable adult nasty 2017
das drip legs/the creeps cassette 2017
haram who am i, who are you? when you have won, you have lost 2017
j church the track one mississippi 2000