Black Forest Gateau

with deirdre dionysiac

a subtle tragic motif seldom detected by others

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
10:30 to 16:30
a friggin' novel
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
HARUOMI HOSONO fossil flame / fifty bell-trees mercuric dance nomad records 1985
TANOSHII ONGAKU input noise hyokkori super fuji discs 2017
BIL VERMETTE morning dance katha visions permanent records 1984/2014
GROUPER headache paradise valley 7" yellow electric 2016
TSK TSK TSK lampadina venitian rendezvous innocent 1979
DAVID LYNCH, ALAN R. SPLET in heaven (lady in the radiator song) eraserhead original soundtrack i.r.s. records 1982
GRIM mooncalf's waltz message eskimo records 1987
PATRIK FITZGERALD personal loss gifts and telegrams red flame 1982
HOOD summers last annual cabled linear traction fluff 1994

break: HANS KRUSI "ex hk (excerpt)"
ALBERTO BALDAN BEMBO, ANGELO ARIENTI milano ore 19 dindi bembo orchestra sonor music editions 1977/2016
ARTHUR VEROCAI karina (domingo no grajau) arthur verocai mr. bongo 1972/2017
FORREST FANG karina waits at the window the wolf at the ruins ominous thud 1989
TANOSHII ONGAKU animals in the road hyokkori super fuji discs 2017
HIS NAME IS ALIVE can't go wrong without you / jack rabbits / sort of mouth by mouth 4ad 1993
HALA STRANA herding slip fielding jewelled antler 2003
HAMILTON YARNS paul miller are you still there hark! 2012
HENRY COW amygdala the henry cow legend virgin 1973
AKSAK MABOUL chanter est sain / son of l'idiot onze danses pour combattre la migraine kamikaze 1977
HANS-A-PLAST lederhosentyp hans-a-plast lava records 1979

HENRY KAISER tapping the source re-marrying for money sst records 1986
HALF JAPANESE then we walk / secret / best we are they who ache with amorous love psycho acoustic sounds 1990
ZYKLON brand new key / amtrak the heartland grim records 2006
SPIROCHETA PERGOLI fuzzi bugsi fuzzi bugsi tumpa il bongo! trax 1984
THE ASTRONAUTS how long is a piece of string / amplified world peter pan hits the suburbs bugle records, genius 1981
THE 012 don't tread on my dreams the white patterns on her dress funky weird tapes 1981
HANG ON THE BOX oo oo yellow banana benten label, jingwen records, scream records 2001
HANIWA-CHAN waitress kanashibari cbs/sony 1984
HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS regenmacher durch die wuste sky records 1978
DON'T DJ swifts 'ka-dan(t)s diskant 2013
V.O. mashisa (dub mix) mashisa invisible city editions 1990/2016

break: HARUOMI HOSONO "sea of tau"
HAZEL DICKENS play us a waltz it's hard to tell the singer from the song rounder records 1987
HENRY FLYNT leather high in e new american ethnic music volume 3: hillbilly tape music recorded 2003
HENK BADINGS ragtime (evolutionen iii) electronic music philips 1958
BATSUMI lishonile batsumi matsuli music 1974/2016
HEMATIC SUNSETS (asmus tietchens) olfauste rendezvous im aroma club klang der festung 1999
TOSHIKO AKIYOSHI-LEW TABACKIN BIG BAND chasing after love salted gingko nuts insights 1979
G*PARK seismogramm seismogramm schimpfluch 1990
SCHNEIDER-KACIREK back radius walk bureau b 2017 *
GROUND-ZERO those were the days "plays standards" nani records 1997
GRIM bourgeois folk music eskimo records 1986
HAT malihini mele dsp-holiday daisyworld discs 1998
ALAN LICHT the old victrola plays well crank automotive 2001
HOT CHIP ends of the earth in our heads domino 2012
HARALD GROSSKOPF emphasis synthesist sky records 1980
GERRY AND THE HOLOGRAMS gerry and the holograms / fake moon gerry and the holograms cache cache/finders keepers 2017 (orig. 1979)
THE HAPPY EGGS rippy wake up 7" ovo records 1981
WHADYA WANT? open spaces midnite spares efficient space 2016
TANOSHII ONGAKU dissonance music / space aquarium / throw/run hyokkori super fuji discs 2017
TOM DOKOUPIL except me and my monkey wat? sanitar! zickzack 1981
ANOREXIA pets rapist in the park 7" slim records 1980
THE GYNAECOLOGISTS the red pullover the red pullover 7" teesbeat records 1980
DINOSAURS WITH HORNS totally gone / ginky's lament dinosaurs with horns the solid eye 1983
HANS GRUSEL'S KRANKENKABINET comb parade happy as pitch crippled intellect productions 2005
HANS GRUSEL'S KRANKENKABINET day one another miserable day ultra eczema 2006
GUYER'S CONNECTION la transformation portrait minimal wave 1983/2014
GUERRE FROIDE mauve untitled born bad 1981/2015
THE CURE carnage visors (still abridged, but more than last time...) the "faith" sessions fiction records 1981