don't back the front

with dana k

happy halloween!

the dream syndicatehalloweenthe days of wine and roses1982
scientistthe mummy's shroudscientist rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires1981
the sonicswitchhere are the sonics!!!1965
the crampsi was a teenage werewolfsongs the lord taught us1980
the birthday partyrelease the bats7"1980
los reactorsbe a zombie7"1981
nervous gendermonstersmusic from hell1981
lydia lunch and rowland s. howardi fell in love with a ghostsome velvet morning1982
ralph nielsen and the chancellorsscream7"1962
veronica fallsfound love in a graveyards/t2011
the jazz butcherthe jazz butcher meets count draculathe gift of music1985
the shaggsit's halloweenphilosophy of the world1969
the worldghost townfirst world record2017
john & jehnlady spiders/t2008
deep freeze micea ten legged beast (or an eight legged beast with feelers)the gates of lunch1982
the gun clubghost on the highwayfire of love1981
roky erickson & the aliensthe creature with the atom brains/t1980
morricone youthbye bye (take 5)sunrise: a song of two humans2017*
das kabinettethe cabinet7"1983
drinking electricitytwilight zoneoverload1982
tangerine dream;-)soundcloud release2016; cover of stranger things theme by S U R V I V E
uk decayblack cata night for celebration1983
the mobwitch huntlet the tribe increase1983
the creaturesexterminating angelsanima animus1999
screaming deadnight creatures12"1983
rudimentary penilovecraft babycacophony1988
the king khan & bbq showzombieswhat's for dinner?2006
thee oh seescadaver dogorc2017*
the flesh eatersdigging my gravea minute to pray, a second to die1981
the pagansshe's a cadaverthe pink album1983; rip mike hudson