Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, October 27, 2017
23:30 to 02:30
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Jeffery Koepper Darkness Transmitter Projekt 23:36:28
Juarguna and Friends Caravans on the Euphrate Trapped (Vol. 1) Projekt 23:53:50
Jeffery Koepper Ions Transmitter Projekt 23:10:17
NYVVA Ghosts Aether Self Release 00:16:31
Off Land Zodiacal Light Afterglow Carpe Sonum Records 00:21:00
Ritchie DeCarlo Around the Bunker Sun Self Release 00:31:55
Sonologyst Stay in Your Homes! Apocalypse Eighth Tower Records 00:36:09
Tangerine Dream When Everyone is Dancing, It's Time to Leave Quantum Gate KScope 00:41:13
Tony Gerber Treasures from the Tooth Fairy Secret Garden Space for Music 00:47:38
Sonitus Eco Chordelia The Light Between Oceans Silent Season 00:53:25
Krill.Minima Gamelan Wandering Compilation Silent Season 01:03:15
Tim Hecker Dungeoneering Harmony In Ultraviolet Kranky 01:09:01
Wanderwelle Lured By an Unseen Presence Lost in a Sea of Trees Silent Season 01:14:11
Alio Die The Mystical Ladder Imaginal Symmetry Hic Sunt Leones 01:21:11
Ritchie DeCarlo Live on Music With Space Live on WPRB live on wprb 01:31:14
XCross Falling Through Eternity Kadath - The Dream Quest Ek Balam Records 02:31:22
Aklo Starry Wisdom Titian Blur Self Release 02:49:52
Aklo Non-Euclidean Theorem Tillinghast Labratories -Sensitive Document Self Release 02: 02: 02: 02:55:25