A Triptych: Three Attempts by Your DJ to Make Sense of Adult Conversation

with alma apollonian

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
11:00 to 15:30
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request

HANS APPELQVIST zenna & marie att mota verkligheten hapna 2003 mini-cd
HAROLD BUDD two songs (i. let us go into the house of the lord, ii. butterfly sunday) the pavilion of dreams obscure 1978
YORAN je derve avec lair montparnasse ep unbalance 1981
ECO VIRTUAL morning haze atmospheres 1 self-released 2013
THAI ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA (performance) . . 2013
>>> KENSUKE IDE with his MOTHERSHIP khaen locked groove #2 otemoyan isan (12") em records 2017 *
ANNA MAKIRERE taku mama tiare avatea little axe records 2016
ACTRESS jardin r.i.p. honest jon's 2012
KUUPUU noita, josta tuli avaruusukko kulta sulka self-released 2006
MANON ANNE GILLIS thalibilis euragine sounds for consciousness rape, rangehen 1994
THOMAS BRINKMANN jfk a 1000 keys editions mego 2016 *
FRA LIPPO LIPPI do the modern pose tap dance for scientists 7" private records 1980
JOE MEEK & THE BLUE MEN valley of the saroos i hear a new world rpm records 1960/1991
MW ENSEMBLE track 4 music for piano transmission ionik records 2017 *
MOONDOG i came alone into this world the viking of sixth avenue process media 2007
ILYAS AHMED unveiled nightmare the vertigo of dawn time-lag records 2008
AKI TSUYUKO a dreamy fish ongakushitsu childisc 1999
HOAHIO marimo ohayo! hoahio! tzadik (new japan series) 2000
AKI ONDA ravage precious moments softlmusic 2001
>>>HAROLD BUDD & BRIAN ENO late october the pearl editions eg 1984

BRIGITTE FONTAINE & ARESKI les borgias l'incendie byg records 1973
LES PAPYVORES le papyvore s/t 7" polydor 1967
MARI KIMURA frevo voyage apollonian innova 2017 *
GIANNI GEBBIA i due samurai s/t sound event 1987
LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX room mate mambo nassau light in the attic 1981/2016
GROUP DOUEH & CHEVEU bord de mer dakhla sahara session born bad records 2017
PIERRE HENRY schisme futuristie philips 1980 (rec. live 1975)
GANG GANG DANCE vacuum saint dymphna the social registry 2008
RICH LA BONTE mayan canals mayan canals dark entries 2017 (orig. 1981) *
ROBERT ASHLEY the bar (side a) perfect lives (private parts) lovely music, ltd. 1980 R
A.C. MARIAS our dust one of our girls (has gone missing) mute 1989
BRUCE GILBERT epitaph for henran brenlar the shivering man mute / editions mego 1986/2011
ARIEL KALMA barimpa interfrequence editions montparnasse 2000 1980
TALULAH GOSH talulah gosh s/t 53rd & 3rd 1987
MCCARTHY in purgatory a la guillotine ! tuesday records, the pink label 1987
STEREOLAB diagonals dots and loops duophonic ultra high frequency disks 1997
STEREOLAB explosante fixe chemical chords 4ad 2008
ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK hola macci kola ce n'est q'un debut medical records 1984/2014
ANIKA in the city anika ep stones throw records 2013
MISSING PERSONS i like boys s/t capitol records 1982
LE TIGRE deceptacon s/t mr. lady 1999

PTOSE la nuit des sauriens ignobles limaces ayaa 1984
NURSE WITH WOUND lea tantaaria necropolis, amphibians and reptiles - the music of adolf wolfli musique brut 1986
JOHO DESUKU VIRTUAL "gear up" 4 flight shiatoruzubesuto sapporo contemporary beer on the rug 2012
HAT shinjyuku photoshop dsp-holiday daisyworld discs 1998
XITSONGA DANCE hoza heke heke / hoza jiaolong 2013
TITO exodo quetzalcoatl discos tixbi 1977
GUERILLA TOSS club kids gay disco nna tapes 2013
>>>DOUBLE FANTASY lost control universal ave. innovative communication 1986, & an ice-cream truck
A.K. KLOSOWSKI & PYROLATOR heimat home-taping is killing music ata tak 1985
NUNO CANAVARRO crimine plux quba ama romanta 1988
TANNING SALON larsen harbour dream castle afternoons modeling, prismcorp 2011
JULEE CRUISE the nightingale floating into the night warner bros. records 1989
JOHO DESUKU VIRTUAL 7 wonders of the internet ft. windows 97 (geometric headress) sapporo contemporary beer on the rug 2012
KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH sundry euclid western vinyl 2015
TOMO AKIKAWABAYA rebirth the castle castle records 1984