From the Notebook

with DJ Maxi

Monday, October 23, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Toshiko Akiyoshi & Lew Tabackin Big Band Son of Road Time Salted Gingko Nuts BMG Japan
Talk Talk New Grass Laughing Stock Verve
High Rise Sadame Live p.s.f. records
Flower Travelin Band Satori Part 1 Satori Atlantic Records
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band I Love You Big Dummy Lick My Decals Off, Baby Straight
Bitch Magnet Navajo Ace Umber Glitterhouse Records
The Breeders Cannonball Last Splash Elektra
Rich LaBonte Show Me Pictures Mayan Canals Dark Entries *
Taj Mahal Travellers Between 7:50 to 8:05 PM July 15th, 1972
Matching Mole O' Caroline Matching Mole CBS Records International
Van Morrison Listen to the Lion Saint Dominic's Preview Warner Bros.
Super Furry Animals Hometown Unicorn Fuzzy Logic Creation
The Wonder Stuff A Wish Away The Eight Legged Groove Machine Polydor
Jellyfish She Still Loves Him Bellybutton Charisma Records America, Inc.
The Beatles I'll Be Back A Hard Day's Night Parlophone
Blur To the End Parklife Food Records
Nagisa Ni Te Me, On the Beach On The Love Beach ORG
Sir Richard Bishop Kamakhya Salvador Kali Revenant Records
Sun City Girls Esoterica Of Abyssynia Torch of The Mystics Majora
Gastr del Sol Ursus Arctos Wonderfilis The Serpentine Similar Teenbeat
The For Carnation I Wear the Gold Marshmallows Matador
Jack Cooper Gynn Square Sandgrown Trouble In Mind *
Pescado Rabioso Supercheria Artaud Talent
Built to Spill Stop the Show Perfect From Now On Avast! Records
Charly Garcia Nos Siguen Pagando Abajo Clics Modernos Universal Music LLC
The Knife A Tooth For an Eye Shaking the Habitual Mute
XTC That's Really Super, Supergirl Skylarking Virgin Records
Dismemberment Plan You Are Invited Emergency & I DeSoto
Shonen Knife Riding on the Rocket Pretty Little Baka Guy Oglio
Pizzicato Five Lover's Rock Lover's Rock CBS/Sony
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Furisodation Nanda Collection Warner Music Japan
Hammydown Automatic Sweetheart Pizzaface EP Self Release *
Sun Valley Gun Club Even Before I Learned to Write Sun Valley Gun Club Self-Release
Space Streakings Kai Kai Scratch 7-Toku Skin Graft Records
Kanye West Devil in a New Dress (Clean) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Roc-A-Fella Records
Beastie Boys Hey Ladies Paul's Boutique Capitol Records
Soul Coughing Circles El Oso Slash