don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, October 20, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
the rich and famous machine gun messthetics #101 1981/2006
inflatable boy clams skeletons s/t 1981
voigt/465 voices a drama slights still unspoken 1979//2017
the godz white cat heat contact high with the godz 1966
UJ3RK5 anglican s/t 1980
teenage jesus and the jerks orphans 7" 1978
noh mercy revolutionary spy earcom 3 1979
scissor girls by process e-lmnatn here is the is not 2001
collate phone call material inspection 2017
the flying luttenbachers demonic velocities/20,000,000 volts destroy all music 1998
sediment club rotten roll 30 seconds too late 2014
theoretical girls computer dating s/t 2002 (orig late 70s)
snakehole good conversation interludes of insanity 2017 *
rancid vat puke on my face stampeding cattle 1981
ut ampheta speak early live life 1987
buck gooter dissolved song 100 bells 2017
sun city girls animistic trafficking sumatran electric chair 2000
dog faced hermans h tribe those deep buds 1994
occult chemistry fire s/t 1980
the band of holy joy mad dot more tales from the city 1987
pain teens sacrificial shack sacrificial shack 1991
usa/mexico bullets for pussy laredo 2017 *
traddodiad ofnus nid hawdd rh. 2 1989
crash course in science cakes in the home 7" 1979
arto lindsay arto vs. arto cuidado madame 2017 *
xbxrx gold cross sixth in sixes 2005
boredoms tomato synthesizer chocolate synthesizer 1994
picky picnic lun-lun picnickers picnic land 1982
snakefinger smelly tongues the spot 1978
devo booji boy's funeral hardcore devo volume 2