don't back the front

with dana k

the rich and famousmachine gunmessthetics #1011981/2006
inflatable boy clamsskeletonss/t1981
voigt/465voices a dramaslights still unspoken1979//2017
the godzwhite cat heatcontact high with the godz1966
teenage jesus and the jerksorphans7"1978
noh mercyrevolutionary spyearcom 31979
scissor girlsby process e-lmnatnhere is the is not2001
collatephone callmaterial inspection2017
the flying luttenbachersdemonic velocities/20,000,000 voltsdestroy all music1998
sediment clubrotten roll30 seconds too late2014
theoretical girlscomputer datings/t2002 (orig late 70s)
snakeholegood conversationinterludes of insanity2017*
rancid vatpuke on my facestampeding cattle1981
utampheta speakearly live life1987
buck gooterdissolved song100 bells2017
sun city girlsanimistic traffickingsumatran electric chair2000
dog faced hermansh tribethose deep buds1994
occult chemistryfires/t1980
the band of holy joymad dot more tales from the city1987
pain teenssacrificial shacksacrificial shack1991
usa/mexicobullets for pussylaredo2017*
traddodiad ofnusnid hawddrh. 21989
crash course in sciencecakes in the home7"1979
arto lindsayarto vs. artocuidado madame2017*
xbxrxgold crosssixth in sixes2005
boredomstomato synthesizerchocolate synthesizer1994
picky picniclun-lun picnickerspicnic land1982
snakefingersmelly tonguesthe spot1978
devobooji boy's funeralhardcore devo volume 2