don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, October 13, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
wingtip sloat blessed nimbus M31 + 3 1993
brix and the extricated moonrise kingdom single 2017
mick trouble shut your bleeding gob you git it's the mick trouble EP 2017; recorded in 1980...OR WAS IT?
lowlife leaders 7" 2017/1979; first punk release from winnipeg
suburban homes unemployed 7" 2017
wreckless eric let's go to the pictures 7" 1979
captain sensible the russians are coming this is your captain speaking 7" 1981
brian eno the true wheel taking tiger mountain (by strategy) 1974
unrest cath carroll 7" 1993
sleepyhead play 7" 1990
thinking fellers union local 282 who are parents? better than the beatles: a tribute to the shaggs 2001
the spinanes noel, jonah and me manos 1993
s.f seals dock ellis baseball trilogy 1993
miaow sport most royal NME C86 1986
flesh world this great cheap face into the shroud 2017 *
nots anxious trend 7" 2017
spotting thumper 7" 2017
patsy count on it down LA women MLP 2017
priests suck nothing feels natural 2017
medium medium hungry, so angry s/t 1981
fire engines discord (peel session) codex teenage premonition 1981/2005
the girls jeffrey i hear you reunion 1979/1987
lee ranaldo thrown over the wall electric trim 2017 *
UUUU velagerung, velagerung, velagerung s/t 2017; members of wire and coil
glorious din tenement roofs leading stolen horses 1985
lives of angels the infinite corridor hole in the sky 2017; orig 80s
virgin prunes pagan lovesong if i die, i die 1982