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with Max

Saturday, October 7, 2017
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
Wavves Super Soaker King Of The Beach
Magazine Cut Out Shapes Secondhand Daylight
Crash Course In Science Cardboard Lamb Signals From Pier Thirteen
Daily Life Rogue Fate Necessary And Pathetic
Ride European Son Heaven And Hell orig. by Velvet Undergruond C
Felt My Face Is On Fire Pillows And Prayers (Cherry Red 1982-1983) C
Invisible Chains Eienstiens Followers Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods C
Gun Club Texas Serenade Miami
Detention Dead Rock n Rollers Killed By Death #2 C
Tiny Desk Unit Napping In Japan Naples
Royal Trux Yin Jim Versus The Vomit Creature Twin Infinitives
Salem 66 Pony Song s/t
Hysteric Narcotics Charlotte's Web Batteries Not Included
Honey Hungry New Moody Judy *
Jock Gang Coke Wall Cool *
The Blues Astronauts Sanctuary No Sanctuary
Seamus Egan The Maids Of Galway Traditional Music Of Ireland
Macula Dog Plastic Lassie Natural Dog *
Antibalas Gold Rush Where The Gods Are In Peace *
Art Feynman Hot Night Jeremiah Blast Off Through The Wicker *
Pan Daijing A Loving Tongue Lack *
Ezvid Wiki 10 Best Olive Oils 2017 youtube video
UNKNOWN The Epic Of Gilgamesh in Sumerian youtube video
UNKNOWN Beowulf, #2, Old English youtube video
BBC JRR Tolkien Part 1 In Their Own Words, British Authors
Videos Of Irish Farming Life Peat Cutting And Turf Cutting youtube video
Richard Burton, Linda Marsh Soliloquy: "To Be Or Not To Be..." and Nunnery Scene Famous Scenes From Sir John Gielgud's Production Of William Shakespeare's Hamlet
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 Vladimir Horowitz + London Symphony Orchestra...
William Basinski Watermusic II Watermusic II
Bjork Bjork Takes Apart Her TV youtube video
Michael Haggins Daybreak Daybreak
Handy (Jam) Organization Spinning Levers (1936) film
James Joyce Finnegans Wake recorded 1929
John Berger + Susan Sontag To Tell A Story tv program