apocalyptic lip sticc

with NICKY

the blast felt 'round the world

Friday, October 6, 2017
18:00 to 20:00
big blasting
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New Comp
Slayer Postmortem / Raining Blood Reign in Blood
Monkees Monkees Theme The Monkees Greatest Hits
Owls Even Now Our Hopes and Dreams
Slowdive No Longer Making Time s/t Dead Oceans *
The Black Pope I'm a Human Radio Station WFMU's Radio Archival Oddities Vol. II C
Swervedriver Duel Mezcal Head
Glazer Disaster Footage On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt *
Looky Looky The Handoff Flaming Boots *
Sister Charmaine Watch the Matie Watch the Music
Motorhead Motorhead No Remorse
Pet UFO Razor Burn My Name is Esther Cohen
V/A found tapes Low Noise Quality Tape Kraag
Madball Fight / It's My Life Ball of Destruction EP
Marc Mellits Polysorbate 60 Common Sense
Magnetix Mort Clinique Live in San Francisco *
Joe Lally Scavenger's Garden Nothing is Underrated
Big Dipper Easter Eve Heavens
Panthers We Are all Undesirables Are you Down?
Fugazi Cashout The Argument
Slovenly 2:5 We Shoot for the Moon
To Rococo Rot Autoafternoon Lips EP
The Lies Cosmetic Resigned
Southern Culture on the Skids Werewolf Halloween Hootenanny C
Lightbulb Hey Little Girl Live: First Show