rotting beautifully

with deirdre dionysiac

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
other shows

COURTNEY JAYEmaru maruthe exotic sounds of courtney jayetropicali2007
LEO KOTTKEthe driving of the year nail6- and 12- string guitartakoma1969
FLAT DUO JETSbabys/tdog gone1989
THE KINKSmonicathe kinks are the village green preservation societypye records1968
YMA SUMACincacho (royal anthem)voice of the xtabaycapitol records1955
JEFFERSON AIRPLANEembryonic journeysurrealistic pillowrca victor1967
THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERSpoison sugarlast roundadelphi records1978
HENRY FLYNTjumping wirednew american ethnic music volume 3: hillbilly tape musicrecorded2003
AKSAK MABOULbosses de crosses [horreurs]un peu de l'ame des banditscrammed discs, recommended records1980
THE BLACK SHEEPstrangeloverecommended records samplerrecommended records1982
KAREN DALTONkatie cruelin my own timeparamount records1971
ROSCOE and ETHEL HOLCOMBi wish i were a single girl againmountain music of kentuckyfolkways records1960
JOE HISAISHIthe path of the windmy neighbor totoro soundtrack collectionanimage1988
THE INCREDIBLE STRING BANDthe hedgehog's songthe 5000 spirits or the layers of the onionelektra1967
DOROTHY ASHBYdrinkthe rubaiyat of dorothy ashbycadet records1970
DR. JOHN, THE NIGHT TRIPPERdanse kalinda ba doomgris-grisatco records1968
SUN CITY GIRLScafe batik / the vinegar stroketorch of the mysticsmajora1990
EXUMAthe visions/tmercury1970
BILL NELSONthe october manthe love that whirls (diary of a thinking heart)mercury1982
FRED FRITHreturning home: wood and watereye to ear iitzadik2004
TORU TAKEMITSUin an autumn garden, for gagaku orchestra (i. strophe)in an autumn gardenjvc1980
BERT JANSCHstrolling down the highways/ttransatlantic records1965
NICK DRAKEroadpink moonisland records1972
ROBERT JOHNSONlove in vainthe complete recordingscolumbia1990 (rec. 1938?)
TOM WAITSshore leaveswordfishtrombonesisland records1983
BROOM DUSTERSshaberosound from the bottom of the tokyo undergroundsiwa2007 (rec. live 1998)
KRAFTWERKstromkraftwerk 2philips1972
CANoh yeahtago magounited artists records1971
NEU!weissenseeneu!brain, metronome1972
THE BLASTING COMPANYforward, oneiroi!over the garden wall original soundtrackmondo2016
SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERSprince nezhotmammoth records1996
PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRAzopf: gilles farnaby's dreammusic from the penguin cafeobscure, island records1976
BIG BLOODdestin rainoperators and thingsdon't trust the ruin2010
AMON DUUL IIshe came through the chimneyyetiliberty1970
PINK FLOYDbikethe piper at the gates of dawncolumbia1967
THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERSmy mind capsizedthe moray eels eat the holy modal rounderselektra1968
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BANDautumn's childsafe as milkbuddah records1967
JOHN FAHEYamericaamericatakoma1971
NICK DRAKEhornpink moonisland records1972
PETER WALKERnorwegian woodrainy day ragavanguard1967