with NICKY

the blast felt 'round the world

Saturday, September 30, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
big blasting
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Jawbox Tongues My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents
Michael Byron Invisible "Seeds" for James Tenney Music of Nights Without Moon or Pearl
It's in hebrew, folks Little Red Riding Hood Kids' Stories (in Hebrew!) CBS Tel Aviv
It hugs Back Q Inside Your Guitar 4AD (ad ad ad ad)
John Cage Three Dances pt. 3 Double Edge minor threat but with 2 ian mackayes. thats a LOT of arguments and vegans
Flesh World Destination Moon Into the Shroud Solid Space cover *
Tony Allen & Tweak Leroy African Music for Children Rough Guides Nigeria
Junior Communist Club Freedom of speed Freedom of Speed
Ice-T The Tower Original Gangster Sire Records
Tibetan Bells/Henry Wolf A Choir of Bells Tibetan Bells
Bad Brains The Regulator s/t
Odd Clouds Gum Coup Follicle Shiftless decay: New Sounds of Detroit X! Recirds
Soundgarden All Your Lies Program Annihilator II: Soundtrack for Destruction
6 Organs of Admittance The Six Stations The Manifestation
Can Mushroom Tago Mago R
Labradford Columna de la Independencia Julius 7"
The Microphones I Can't Believe You Actually Died Singers 7"
Diodes Child Star A Deal A Day C
Mono Men Away Away 7"
Plastic Crimewave Sound What Goes Up 7"
T-Tops A Certain Cordial Exhiliration s/t
Karp Bacon Industry s/t i play this song way too much
Shelly Thunder Working Girl Working Girl EP Mango Records
The Wonderbeans In the Shadow of the Pine s/t Flying Crow Records
Jack Benny Great Moments in Radio Great Moments in Radio Vol 1
The Boneless Ones I'm a Skater / Pipeline Skate for the Devil
The Chantays Pipeline single 1962
Agent Orange Pipeline Living in Darkness
Anthrax Pipeline who knows its anthrax
Assassin Pipeline Interstellar Experience
Eddy Current Supression Ring Precious Rose s/t 2007