don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, September 29, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
shopping the hype the hype 2017
the slits adventures close to home cut 1979
sekret sekret charity 7" 1980
spray paint with ben mackie friendly moving man 7" 2017
glazer working man's dog on a prairie, live in the dirt 2017 *
david nance silver wings negative boogie 2017 *
systematics international voltage my life in the field of cows 1979
ISS penISS envy endless pussyfooting 2017
NEMB the middle room 7" 1981
absolutely not blood money errors 2017
fad gadget back to nature 7" 1979
deerhoof con sordino mountain moves 2017 *
jock gang long boy cool EP 2017 *
rabbit u.s radio bird 7" 2017
neo neos the hammer of civilization the hammer of civilization 2017
haldol nostalgia for dreams the totalitarianism of everyday life 2017
taiwan housing project ideal body alignment veblen death mask 2017
8 eyed spy lazy in love s/t 1981
rat at rat r amer$ide amer$ide rock and roll is dead long live rock and roll 1985
writhing squares balloon to the moon in the void above 2016
(right arrow, up arrow, right arrow) video space spaces 1981
obnox skywalker niggative approach 2017 *
dustdevils throw the bottleful struggling electric and chemical 1990
dance asthmatics oedipus lifetime of secretion 2015
the dead c mighty trapdoor fucking exit 1990
notekillers the zipper 7" 1980
glaxo babies christine keeler 7" 1979
the world hot shopper first world record forthcoming in 2017
blurt the fish needs a bike 7" 1981
a.c. temple weekend blowtorch 1988