with chaotic neutral

i am happy and anxious for life's calling

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
junkyard band the word the rapture: tapes !k7
software seduction new collision oz waves: australian diy 1982-1989 efficient space
radar bros papillon the fallen leaf pages merge
yeenar cave live at wprb wprb studios *
saltland under my skin a common truth constellation *
psi bhoiler artificially retarded soul care operators evolving ear
trevor babb trail (paul kerekes) warmth innova *
the real tuesday weld i'll see you in my dreams the end of the world six degrees
quasi when the going gets dark when the going gets dark touch and go
glocca morra wussy pillow wussy pillow w/ secret drinker glocca morra
quaaludes mr transistor this is your future we're talking about stack your roster
snowing methesulah rookie card that time i sat in a pile of chocolate count your lucky stars records
park jefferson monuments park jefferson driftwood records
chastity belt different now i used to spend so much time alone hardly art R
soul craft eyes six weeks omnibus vol. 2 six weeks
mother falcon serpent tongues alhambra punctum R
purity ring crawlersout shrines 4AD
xxyyxx alone xxyyxx s/r
eery her her s/r [soundcloud]
religious to damn to love the machine glass prayer m'ladys
the riverdales back to you s/t lookout
rake the cosmos at large rake in... intelligence agent #2003 (a.k.a. g-man) squealer records
14 year old girls pacman's in egypt zombies in robots out retard disco
pup the coast the dream is over side one dummy