Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, June 12, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
chaka demus & pliers murder she wrote the reggae box : the routes of jamaican music island i can't really explain why this song loops in my head almost constantly. you should see the dance i am doing right now. good thing we don't have live web cams. C
yah mos def YMD plays ugly for suckas & stockton / malone of the mircrophone live on WPRB w/ jon solomon this will never get old. hilarious, and i doubt they'll ever run out of material. this stuff is like a scrapbook of my highschool years. big ups to the KILLTIME.
superchunk hyper enough here's where the strings come in merge
the locust first track from... safety second, body last ipecac *
thee milkshakes mother i want your daughter they came, they saw, they conquered pink dust oh wild styled billy childish.
greg oblivian & the tip tops bad man history of memphis garage rock: the 90's shangrila projects C
strapping fieldhands soundshapes wattle & daub shangrila records 1996 philadelphia
the lyres buried alive ahs 1005 ace of hearts
the dickies manny moe and jack great dictations a&m thanks jon for calling in this request. you know how i do. R
fear let's have a war fear (the record) slash "we could start it in NJ"
girls against boys bullet proof cupid venus luxure no.1 baby touch & go
husker du it's not funny anymore metal circus sst
make a rising when moving west rip through the hawk black night high two philadelphia! *
peter laughner baby's on fire take the guitar player for a ride tim kerr brian eno cover,.... laughner of rocket from the tombs and more.
gentle giant time to kill free hand drt entertainment arthur andrews, of WPRB's "yr sax is my axe" wields an incredible power over me. through him, i have come to grips with my inner progrock headlock. he is a constant source of inspiration and insisting. this is seen in his making me listen to lots of vanilla fudge, jade, blue cheer, yes, and other "Renn Fair uber dorkiness". i love him for it. thanks dude. and i do mean dude. *
magnolia electric co. the night shift lullaby what comes after the blues secretly canadian *
hanne hukkelberg the professor cast anchor EP leaf norwegian joanna newsom? *
the books be good to them always lost and safe tom lab *
mortimur ursa s/t we want action *
sonic youth the diamond sea washing machine dgc man. i fell asleep to this song last night and it's been trapped in my skull all day. damn it. visions of kim jumping around and freaking out. wow.
homestead & wolfe roll on tumbleweed our times anopheles re-ish *
modern lovers afternoon rock n roll with the modern lovers beserkley tuesday. june 14. love is all around, don't try to fake it. at the khyber.
modern lovers lonely financial zone s/t beserkley