with deirdre dionysiac

really very horrorshow

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
the world's worst dj
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THE CARETAKERglimpses of hope in trying timeseverywhere at the end of time - stage 2history always favours the winners2017
GEORGE COLEMANi wish i could singbongo joemississippi records1969/2008
GAL COSTArelanceindiaphilips1973
GEORGES DECIMUS & PATRICK ST ELOIla viela vieguadeloupe production1983
GABOR SZABOferris wheeldreamsskye records1968

GALERIE STRATIQUEsur la glacestainless sorrowsself-released2017
GALAXIE 500another dayon firerough trade1989
GEORGIA SEA ISLAND SINGERSo dayjoin the bandmississippi records2011 (rec. 1959-1960 by Alan Lomax)
GARY WILSON and THE BLIND DATESwhen i spoke of lovein the midnight hour / when i spoke of lovemcm records1977
GARY BLANCHARDtin manoriginal soundtrackphlamingo records1987
GARY NUMANfilmsthe pleasure principlebeggars banquet1979
GARETH WILLIAMS & MARY CURRIEa to bflaming tunesblackest ever black1985/2012
GERRY & THE HOLOGRAMSjust dessertsgerry & the hologramscache cache / finders keepers records2017
GHEDALIA TAZARTESvoyage a l'ombre, pt. ivoyage a l'ombredemosaurus1997
GETATCHEW MEKURYAyegenet muziqaethiopiques 14: negus of ethiopian saxbuda musique2003
GENTLE GIANTpantagruel's nativityacquiring the tastevertigo1971

GAVIN BRYARS "jesus' blood never failed me yet"
GEORGHES APERGHISavis 3avis de tempetecypres2005
GEORGE CRUMBancient voices of children (excerpt)ancient voices of childrennonesuch1971
GEORGE ANTHEILballet mecaniqueballet mecanique, for pianos, percussion, electric buzzers and airplane propellors (excerpt)naxos2001, performed by philadelphia virtuosi chamber orchestra, daniel spalding
GEORGIAcanal din (open voice)all kind musicpalto flats2016
GELLERS9 teeth picabias/tcompare notes2007

white noise in a white room
GANG OF FOURetherentertainment!emi1979
GEOFF LEIGHthe chemical bankthe chemical bank 7"mccb1979
GAZNEVADAmamma dammi la benzas/tharpo's music1979
THE GEROGERIGEGEGEanal beethoven #1senzuri power upvis a vis audio arts1981
GELATINOUS CITIZENalways alonerhythm of industrygelatinous records1987
GEILE TIEREgeile tieres/t (7")self-released1980
GEISTERFAHRERdas uferschattern vorauskonkurrenz, phonogram1980
GEN KENnew age machinesbeyond my kendiscos esplendor geometrico1989
FRA LIPPO LIPPItap dance for scientiststap dance for scientistsprivate records1980
GENERAL STRIKEdanger in paradisedanger in paradisetouch1984
GARAGE CLASSterminal tokyoterminal tokyogymnasium records1983

GERSEMI "butterfly lovers"
GHOSTdominoes + celebration for the gray days (syd barrett)hypnotic underworlddrag city2004