Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Saturday, June 11, 2005
15:00 to 17:00
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chris bozzonelost in lunacybloodstained butterfliesself released
john coltraneomfire into music the best of impulseimpulse
spike jonesthe man on the flying trapezethe best of spike jonesrca
brooks and fostercigarettes whiskey and wild womenwould you believemusicor
moby grapehey grandmamoby grabecolumbia
all girl summer fun banddear mr and mrs trouble makerall girl summer fun bandsecretly canadian
kings ransomhere today gone tommorrowallentown angophiledistortion records
the bedwellskaratehidden treasuresdel fi records
impalaltd a go gohistory of memphis garageshanga la
peelgold chainsthe peelsdim mak*
saloonvesuviusif we meet in the futuredarla
stereolabsudden starsmargerine eclipseelektra
jason forrestlady fantasylady fantasy epsonig*
nina simonelilac wine album leaf remixverve remix 3verve
electric eel shockjapanese meets chinese in usaelectric eel shockgear head*
stephen malkmusloud cloud crowdface the truthmatador*
belle and sebastianim waking up to uspush barman to open old woundsmatador*
the album beachstoryboardseal beach epbetter looking*
m83addicted to self mutalationteen angst (single)mute*
m83teen angstteen angst (single)mute*
rosebudsyou better get readyunwindmerge*
enonold dominionhigh societytouch and go
crystalitesundertaker burialtrojan explosionsantuary records
ali babajohn holttrojan explosionsantuary records
bob marleypositive vibrationsbabylon by busisland
the baba brooks bandbank to bankthe regga e boxisland
the maytalspressure droptrojan explosionsantuary records
dinosaur jrlittle fury thingsyour living all over memerge*
the el caminosexoticreverb explosiondel fi
the earachesyou re a liarget the revolution out of your headsteel cage*
moby grapecome in the morningmoby grapecolumbia
moby grapeomahamoby grapecolumbia
those peabodiesall my friends are good lookingunite tonightpost parlo*
the booksbe good to them alwayslost and safetom lab
the booksif not now wheneverlost and safetom alb*