Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Monday, September 11, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
electronic / industrial
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IndexStatic SkySky Laced SilverCop International
Fektion FeklerThe Dowser That Couldn't DowseKling Klang BedlamPendragon
Funker VogtFortunes Of War (Remix by Velvet Acid Christ) n/an/a
En VogueFree Your MindFunky Divasn/a
Velvet Acid ChristFutile (Remix by Funker Vogt)n/an/a
Meat Beat ManifestoPsych Out99%n/a
Hate DepartmentNew Powern/an/a
New OrderCrystalGet Readyn/a
SolventThink Like Us (Alter Ego Remix)n/an/a
Cat Rapes DogMadmanGod Guns And Gasolinen/a
Icon Of CoilFloorkillern/an/a
KMFDMJuke Joint Jezebeln/an/a
Individual TotemSubsistence Mind Sculptures FleshPendragon
Clan Of XymoxObsessionn/an/a
Rush SubdivisionsSignalsMercury
AcrosomeThese Are The Things To Comen/aThings To Come Records
Odysssy Native New Yorkern/an/a
TribanturaLack Of Sense (Razormaid Remix)Razormaid - The Singles Collection n/a
BenestropheEndangered Species Sensory Deprivation Vol. 1n/a
Robotiko RejecktoHangar 18 (Moon Mix)Hangar 18 SingleZYX
Base ScanDisco D (German Wave Mix)I Feel Goodn/a
Reflex Praying To The Beat 12"Praying To The Beat 12"EMI
Mi-Sex Peoplen/an/a
LiabachEin Unschuld 1Also Sprach ZarathustraMute*
ChemlabVera Blue (96/69)East Side Militia Invisible Records
Wagon ChristPull My Strings (Oven Baked Mix)Redone EPn/aMixed into this song is Robert Redford's "The Language And Music Of The Wolves
Reduction PlanIn The Night SomewhereMaladjusted*
Tiny VipersCrossing the River of YourselfLaughterBa Da Bing!*
AutechreClipperTri Repetae++Warp
Placebo EffectDreamlandSlashed Open EPn/a
Depeche Mode Nothingn/an/a
David RobertsMidnight Rendezvousn/an/a
INGUS BAUŠ?ENIEKS'Tik Necilv?c?gsn/an/a
Lebanon HangoverGallowdancen/an/a