Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Monday, September 11, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Index Static Sky Sky Laced Silver Cop International
Fektion Fekler The Dowser That Couldn't Dowse Kling Klang Bedlam Pendragon
Funker Vogt Fortunes Of War (Remix by Velvet Acid Christ) n/a n/a
En Vogue Free Your Mind Funky Divas n/a
Velvet Acid Christ Futile (Remix by Funker Vogt) n/a n/a
Meat Beat Manifesto Psych Out 99% n/a
Hate Department New Power n/a n/a
New Order Crystal Get Ready n/a
Solvent Think Like Us (Alter Ego Remix) n/a n/a
Cat Rapes Dog Madman God Guns And Gasoline n/a
Icon Of Coil Floorkiller n/a n/a
KMFDM Juke Joint Jezebel n/a n/a
Individual Totem Subsistence Mind Sculptures Flesh Pendragon
Clan Of Xymox Obsession n/a n/a
Rush Subdivisions Signals Mercury
Acrosome These Are The Things To Come n/a Things To Come Records
Odysssy Native New Yorker n/a n/a
Tribantura Lack Of Sense (Razormaid Remix) Razormaid - The Singles Collection n/a
Benestrophe Endangered Species Sensory Deprivation Vol. 1 n/a
Robotiko Rejeckto Hangar 18 (Moon Mix) Hangar 18 Single ZYX
Base Scan Disco D (German Wave Mix) I Feel Good n/a
Reflex Praying To The Beat 12" Praying To The Beat 12" EMI
Mi-Sex People n/a n/a
Liabach Ein Unschuld 1 Also Sprach Zarathustra Mute *
Chemlab Vera Blue (96/69) East Side Militia Invisible Records
Wagon Christ Pull My Strings (Oven Baked Mix) Redone EP n/a Mixed into this song is Robert Redford's "The Language And Music Of The Wolves
Reduction Plan In The Night Somewhere Maladjusted *
Tiny Vipers Crossing the River of Yourself Laughter Ba Da Bing! *
Autechre Clipper Tri Repetae++ Warp
Placebo Effect Dreamland Slashed Open EP n/a
Depeche Mode Nothing n/a n/a
David Roberts Midnight Rendezvous n/a n/a
INGUS BAUŠ?ENIEKS 'Tik Necilv?c?gs n/a n/a
Lebanon Hangover Gallowdance n/a n/a