Live Live Flop Flop: Holger Czukay in Memoriam

with deirdre dionysiac

Saturday, September 9, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
witches & droogs
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HALIM EL-DABHwire recorder piececrossing into the electro-magneticwithout fear1944 (cd: 2000); passed away Monday 9/4 at the ripe age of 96. He was an Egyptian-American musician and pan-african studies professor credited as having recorded the first piece of music solely on electronic tape, having borrowed a wire recorded from the Middle East Broadcasting company and presented it at an art gallery in Egypt in 1944.
HOLGER CZUKAYhey baba reeboprome remains romevirgin1987; a testament to Czukay's abundant good humor
CANmillionenspielthe lost tapesspoon records2012 (rec. 1969); the most recent newly released collection of Czukay recordings (though these were created in the late 60s and early 70s).
IRMIN SCHMIDT, INNERSPACE PRODUCTIONi'm hiding my nightingalekamasutra - vollendung der liebecrippled dick hot wax!2009 (rec. 1969 for a motion picture called "kamasutra")
THE INNER SPACEkamerasongagilok & blubbowah wah records2009 (rec. 1968 for a political satire film by Peter Schneider called "agilok & blubbo"). The band, comprised of Irmin Schmidt, Czukay (then Holger Schuring), and Jakie Liebezeit were soon to form the now-legendary krautrock band "CAN" with their first lead vocalist, Malcolm Mooney.
THE INNER SPACErevolutionsliedagilok & blubbowah wah records2009 (rec. 1968)
THE INNER SPACEes zieht heraufagilok & blubbowah wah records2009 (rec. 1968)
TECHNICAL SPACE COMPOSER'S CREW (HOLGER CZUKAY, ROLF DAMMERS)ho-mai-nhi ("boat-woman-song")canaxis 5music factory1969
CANdeadlock (titelmusik)soundtracksliberty1970
THE CANmary, mary so contrary / outside my doormonster moviespoon records1969/2006; mooney, schmidt, czukay, karoli, liebezeit.
CANturtles have short legsturtles have short legs 7"liberty1971
CANdeadly doristhe lost tapesspoon records2012 (rec. 1968)
CANpinchege bamyasiunited artists records1972
CANone more nightege bamyasiunited artists records1972
CANsoupege bamyasiunited artists records1972; the original mind-melter for a young deirdre.
CANpeking otago magounited artists records1971
CANmoonshakefuture daysunited artists records1973
CANanimal wavessaw delightharvest, emi electrola1977
HOLGER CZUKAYcool in the poolmoviesharvest, emi electrola1979
HOLGER CZUKAYpersian lovemoviesharvest, emi electrola1979
HOLGER CZUKAYfragranceon the way to the peak of normalwelt-rekord1981
HOLGER CZUKAYwitches' multiplication tableon the way to peak of normalwelt-rekord1981; see also Moebius & Plank's album "Rastakraut Pasta", on which Czukay contributed
LES VAMPYRETTESbiomutantenles vampyrettesself-released1980; duo of Holger and the great Conny Plank.
S.Y.P.H.euroton / einsam in wien (lustlos)pstpure freude1980; German punk group. The album was recorded in Czukay's Inner Space Studio, and he provided horn, percussion, bass, and harmonica, as well as the mixing and production.
AKIRA S. & AS GARROTAS QUE ERRARAMsobre as pernasnao wave - brazilian post-punk 1982-1988man recordings2005, Holger playing horn for a Brazilian post-punk group? Why not!
PHEWsignals/tpass records1981; Czukay, Plank and Liebezeit back Japanese deadpan singer Hiromi Moritani (aka "Phew") on this one
HOLGER CZUKAY, JAH WOBBLE, JAKI LIEBEZEITfull circle r.p.s. (no. 7)full circlevirgin1982
HOLGER CZUKAYblessed easterrome remains romevirgin1987; includes vocals and singing of Pope John Paul in a radioplay portrait of sorts.
DAVID SYLVIANwords with the shaman, pt. ii: incantationalchemy - an index of possibilitiesvirgin1985, Holger on shortwave radio
HOLGER CZUKAYradio in an hourglassmoving picturesmute1993
HOLGER CZUKAYinvisible mangood morning storytone casualties1999
HOLGER CZUKAYafricana suselita (excerpt)linear citydignose2001; created through an international collaboration on an early-internet data account of Czukay's creation.
BISONthe traveler5 years of claremont 56claremont 562012; group that the late Czukay formed in 2010 with Smith & Mudd and vocalist Ursa Major. Also check out "mandy (power boy mix)" and "soup fiction"
HOLGER CZUKAYmusic is a miracle5 years of claremont 56claremont 562012; Holger makes YOU a part of his world. don't miss this.
CANsing swan songege bamyasiunited artists records1972

Thank you all for a wonderful and fulfilling summer, and tune in Tuesdays 11am-2pm for my new fall slot!