Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Closin up shop for the winter...

Saturday, September 9, 2017
14:00 to 16:00
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avey tareseason higheucalyptusdomino*
do make say thinkA Murder for your thoughtsstubborn persistent illusionsconstellation*
juniperlazy awfullive on wprb 7/7/17live on wprb*
line leaderfoxlive on wprb 08/03/17 live on wprb *
vinyl williamsion/riddles of sphinxbruneicompany records
animal collectivepeacemakerthe painters ep domino
the crypt keeper five balboathe strongholdpure white*
endless boogielet it be unknownvibe killerno quater*
mountain theme from imaginary westernbestofwindfall
bleached hold on hold on//
the courtneys it takes a long time //
valley lodge restless heartlive at wfmulive wfmufeaturing the guitar skills of indie rock darling dave hill
audacity lock the door live at wfmu live at wfmu
potty mouth cherry pickngpotty mouth epplanet whatever
aye nako particle hazesilver hazedon giovanni
bed room problems obligatedbedroom problemsself released
sonic youth the empty pagemurray streetgeffen
autodronensgtlive wfmu free music archives
amorphous androgynous the onion //
jean Jacques perry you moog me moog moog
Jean Jacques perry evamoog /
grand funkinto the sun live albumcapitol
steel millsoul freak out live live
humble pie i dont need no doctor rockin the fillmore a&m
free heartbreaker heartbreakerisland
turing machnepoodles - beach it black zwei french kiss
sterolabheavy denim Wow and flutterelektra
sceniclightspeed the acid gospel experiencehidden agenda records
anada shankarjumpin jack flashananda shankacollectors choice
applesauce tearsa winter sun on a summer face alpha driftblack cottage
buffy saint mariegod is alive magic is afoot illuminationsVanguard
verveweeping willowurban hymmshut virginthe world dont stop - there is no time for cracking up - when freedom comes ill be long gone you know it has to end...
astroid # 4 what a sorry single 45 lounge
atlas sounda ghost story/ recent bedroom let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel kranky
ian Matthews seven bridges road valley hi Electra
byrdswant born to followbyrds greatest hits vol 2 columbia
roger mcguinnits alright ma easy riderabc dunhill
honeychurch turning leavescalling me homesiren records
cactus song for aries one way or another atco
conceptionland rock and roll school and other states of mind by the conceptionland corporationcotillion
william burroughsword of advice for young peopleyoung people radio editisland
conceptionlandan open letter to the youth of america and other states of mind by the conceptionland corporationcotillion
the congress of wonderspigeon park revoltingfantasy
Smothers brothers i talk to the trees golden hits vol 2 mercury
myle jackson- varsity cheer or the history of the world at half time part 1 a history of the world at half timefolkways
friends of dean martinezlandfalllost horizonaerorecords
janis joplinmaybebest of columbia
alohathe endlight workspolyvinyl
all natrual lemon lime flavors you can never tell turning into smallgern baldstern
bibloexcusesmind bokehwarp
white hillswrite a thousand lettersfrying on a this rockthrill jockey
mountainbaby im downsetlist mountain live/
bellraysyour sorry nowraw collectionuppercut
dave dapperdo you want love Emotional Freedom Techniquetender loving empire*
do make say thinkhorropolationstubborn persistent illusions constellations