Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Happy Birthday Valentin Silvestrov (September 30, 1937)

Castellano, JenniferThe Castle at Sunrise (opening section)Jennifer Castellano, pianowww.castellanomusic.net5:30
Silvestrov, ValentinMorning Serenade (2002)Jenny Lin, pianoHanssler Classic - CD 98.2295:31
Silvestrov, ValentinPost scriptum for violin and piano (1990-1991)Gidon Kremer, violin, Vadim Sacharov pianoTeldec - 4509-99206-25:34
Silvestrov, ValentinLullaby (2005)Hortus Musicus, Andres Mustonen, conductorEstonian Record Productions - ERP 46115:49
Silvestrov, ValentinBarcarolle (2005)Hortus Musicus, Andres Mustonen, conductorEstonian Record Productions - ERP 46115:53
Silvestrov, ValentinBenedictus (Night) (2001)Polina Osetinskaya, pianoQuartz Music - QTZ 21015:58
Silvestrov, ValentinDiptych (1995)Latvian Radio Choir, Sigvards Klava, conductorOndine - ODE 1266-56:04
Silvestrov, ValentinLullaby for Emilii - the Cat and the Pianist (2004)Svetlana Savenko, soprano, Yury Polubelov, pianoSoLyd Records - SLR 0370/03716:19
Silvestrov, ValentinEpitaph for Piano and Strings (1999)State Ensemble of Soloists "Kamerata Kiev", Valery Matiukhin, conductor Music Information Center Odessa Ukraine6:26
Silvestrov, ValentinTwo Waltzes (2009)Elisaveta Blumina, pianoGrand Piano - GP6396:36
Silvestrov, ValentinPostludium for Piano and Orchestra (1984)Elissa Stutz, piano, The USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra, Virko Baley, conductorMezhdunarodnaya Kniga - MK 4171166:41
Silvestrov, ValentinHommage a J.S.B. (2009)Duo GazzanaECM New Series - 2356 481 08947:03
Silvestrov, ValentinCantata (1977)Ukranian National Capella, "Dumka", Evgen Savchuk, conductorMegadisc - MDC 78427:11
Silvestrov, Valentin8.VI.1810 ... zum Geburtstag R.A.Schumann (June 8 the Birthday of Robert Schumann for two cellos) (2004)Anja Lechner & Agnes Vestermabn, cellosECM New Series (upcoming release)7:37
Silvestrov, ValentinFarewell, o world, o earth from Silent Songs (1974-1977)Sergey Vakovenko, baritone, Ilya Scheps, pianoECM New Series - B0003446-027:47
Silvestrov, ValentinSymphony No. 6 (1994-1995)SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Andrey Boreyko, conductorECM New Series 1935 476 57158:00
Silvestrov, ValentinQuartetto Piccolo (1961)The Lysenko String QuartetEtcetera - KTC 11519:00
Silvestrov, ValentinNostalghia (2001)Jenny Lin, pianoHanssler Classic - CD 98.2299:05
Silvestrov, ValentinPsalms and Prayers (2007)Kiev Chamber Choir, Mykola Hobdych, conductorECM New Series - 2279 476 49909:11
Silvestrov, ValentinIkon (2004)Hortus Musicus, Andres Mustonen, conductorEstonian Record Productions - ERP 46119:32
Silvestrov, ValentinSymphony No. 2 (1965)"Musica Viva" Chamber Orchestra, Alexander Rudin, conductorOlympia - OCD 4779:40
Silvestrov, ValentinI Have Forgotten the Word I Wanted to Say from "Stufen" (1981-1982)Jana Ivanilova, voice, Alexei Lubimov, pianoMegadisc - MDC 78329:52
Silvestrov, ValentinElegie for string orchestra (2000-2002)Munich Chamber Orchestra, Christoph Poppen, conductorECM New Series 1988 B0009662-0210:04
Silvestrov, ValentinPiano Sonata No. 1 (1972)Alexei Lubimov, pianoErato - 2292-45631-210:10
Silvestrov, ValentinBagatelle No. 3 (2005)Valentin Silvestrov, pianoECM New Series 1988 B0009662-0210:28
Silvestrov, Valentin Monodia for piano and orchestra (1965)Ivan Sokolov, piano, The Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, Yekaterinenburg, Andrej Borejko, conductorMegadisc - MDC 783710:32
Silvestrov, ValentinAbschiedsserenade for string orchestra (Farewell Serenade)Munich Chamber Orchestra, Christoph Poppen, conductorECM New Series 1988 B0009662-0210:54