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Steely DanMidnite CruiserCan't Buy a ThrillABC1972; Debut; BEGIN TRIBUTE TO WALTER BECKER, who passed away this past Sunday, Sept. 3rd, 2017; "Felonious" is a punny reference to Thelonious Monk. "Felonius my old friend" -"Felonius", a pun combining "Felony" and "Thelonius"
Steely DanGreen EarringThe Royal ScamABC1976; 5th album
Steely DanThe FezThe Royal ScamABC1976; 5th album
Steely DanPegAjaABC Records1977; 6th album; The song could be a reference to Broadway star and one-time Hollywood actress Peg Entwistle, who became famous in 1932 by jumping to her death off the Hollywoodland Sign before her first film was ever released.
Steely DanHome At Last AjaABC Records1977; 6th album; Inspired by Homer's Odyssey, where Odysseus pines for his home
Steely DanChange of the GuardCan't Buy a Thrill ABC Records1972; Debut;
Steely DanKings Can't Buy a Thrill ABC Records1972; Becker & Fagen describe this as "a 'vacuous historical romance.' It’s about King Richard I (AKA Richard Coeur de Lion), from the late 12th Century.
Steely DanDirty WorkCan't Buy a ThrillABC RecordsSaxophone solo by Jerome Richardson
Steely DanBrooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me)Can't Buy a ThrillABC Records
Steely DanI Got the NewsAjaABC Records1977
Steely DanJosieAjaABC Records1977
Steely DanKid CharlemagneThe Royal ScamABC Records1976; 5th album
Steely DanThe Caves of AltamiraThe Royal ScamABC RecordsThe Caves of Altamire in Northern Spain were known as The Sistine Chapel of Palaeolithic Art
Steely DanReelin' In the YearsCan't Buy a ThrillABC Records
Steely DanOnly a Fool Would Say ThatCan't Buy a ThrillABC Records
Steely DanBlack CowAjaABC Records
Steely DanMy Old School Countdown to EcstasyABC Records2nd studio album
Steely DanBarrytown Pretzel Logic
Steely DanDeacon BluesAjaABC Records
Steely DanSoul RamCatalyst
Steely DanHaitian DivorceThe Royal Scam ABC Records
Steely DanDo It AgainCan't Buy a ThrillABC RecordsFeatures an electric sitar solo by Denny Dias. The "plastic organ" solo by Donald Fagen was performed on a Yamaha YC-30 with a sliding pitch-bending control.
Steeely DanFire In the HoleCan't Buy a ThrillABC RecordsAnthem for the misfits of the world; Pedal steel guitar solo by Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
CanHalleluhwahTago MagoUnited Artists1971; 3rd album; BEGIN HOLGER CZUKAY TRIBUTE, who passed away this week at the age of 79.
CanShe Brings the RainSoundtracksLiberty1970; compilation album released in 1970 that consists of tracks written for various films
CanHalf Past OneLanded Horzu7th studio
CanSoupEge Bamyasi1972
CanBel AirFuture DaysUnited Artists1973; 5th studio album