with deirdre dionysiac

industrial tools, sheet metal, et al.

Monday, September 4, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
witches & droogs
other shows

DAPHNE ORAMpower toolsoramics (1958-1977)paradigm discs2007
DOOPEESdr. domestic's physical effect #1 - piece for turntables and recordsdoopee timefor life records1995
ABWARTScomputerstaatcomputerstaatzickzack platten1980
MACULA DOGwrong phones/thaord records2015
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCEcakes in the home / kitchen motorscakes in the homego go records1979
DAPHNE ORAMtumblewashoramics (1958-1977)paradigm discs2007
NMESHtiny classified adspharmaorange milk records2017
IAN BREAKWELLworkdialoguesaudio arts1981
THE WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDERmetallallein 7"warning records1980
VITTORE BARONIin the nurserytopy tv : tribute to ptvtopy tv1990
MARLENE DIETRICHplays her singing saw "aloha oe"...
ABHspin/offdragvitrine2016, dedicated to the new blockaders' "changez les blockeurs" (to be heard shortly)
AMOKuntitled (excerpt)warm leeches danceadn1985
THE 2X4'Sbridgeport lathebridgeport lathebessemer process1980
SPKmetal dancemetal dancedesire records1983
HANATARASHmy dad is careat shit noise musicstatutory tape1989
THE NEW BLOCKADERSchangez les blockeurs, part 1changez les blockeursvinyl-on-demand2004 (self-released 1982)
XEXyou thinkgroup: xexdark entries1980/2011
THE 2X4'Siron lines/tmetal snowball records2007 (orig. 80s)
DISCO INFERNOfrom the devil to the deep blue skya rock to cling to / from the devil to the deep blue skyrough trade1993
PERE UBUsentimental journeythe modern danceblank records1978
REMKO SCHAthrashmachine guitarskremlin1982
JOHN CALEstainless steel gamelanstainless gamelan: inside the dream syndicate volume iiitable of the elements2001