don't back the front: nurse with wound edition

with dana k

nurse with woundthe six buttons of sex appeal (edit)chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella1979
orchid spangiaforahold everythingflee past ape's elf1979
AMMailantus glandulosaAMMMusic1967
taj mahal travellersbetween 7.03-7:15 pmjuly 15th, 19721972
neu! negativlandneu!1972
domed-d-bodome 31981
michel waisvisz4 narrow escapescrackle1978
juan hidalgoL.H.O.O.Q. (sestetto)rrose selavy1977
henri chopindynamisme integralaudiopoems 1956-19801983
pierre henryatelier/divinites paisablesmesse pour le temps present1967
sally smmit and her musicianshangahar: side one (edit)hangahar1980
nihilist spasm bandwhen in london sleep at the york hotelno record1968
food brainliver juice vending machinesocial gathering1970
the spermkorvapoliklinikka hesperiashh!1970
l. voagaccording to freudthe way out1980
the good missionariesattitudesderanged in hastings1981
lemon kittensup in armswe buy a hammer for daddy1980
art zoydsangriasangria/something in love1970
the red krayolahurricane fighter plane/transparent radiationthe parable of arable land1967
smegmaid-o-maticpigs for lepers1982
basil kirchinworlds within worlds (excerpt)worlds within worlds1971