Cities & Memory

with Palindrome

Monday, September 4, 2017
12:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Phnom Penh election protest --- --- 2013 protests were mainly supported by women garment workers who demanded higher wages and impeachment of Cambodia's long-incumbent leader
Atelje Transition Meditation s/r 2014; Gotheburg, Sweden; sweet and meditative electronic
Studio West Side West Coast Information 2007; Gotheburg, Sweden; alternative krautrock & syncopated, percussive rhythms
CFCF You Hear Colors Continent Paper Bag 2009; Montreal; (Michael Silver) spacey synth meets soft rock
Milo Magician (Suture) Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! Ruby Yacht / The Order Label 2017; Milwaukee, WI; (Rory Ferreira) looped, semi-chaotic underground hip-hop
Yellowknife indigenous protest --- --- 2017 protest against water pollution and deprivation of indigenous rights
Fred Hersch Work Alone at the Vanguard Palmetto 2011; Cincinatti, OH; avant-garde jazz piano
The Ladies Vacation, Asphyxiation, Vacation They Mean Us Temporary Residence 2006; Sacramento, CA; (Rob Crow & Zach Hill -- Hella, Pinback) math rock with crazy jazz drumming
The Clash Career Opportunities The Clash Sony 1977; London; perfect song about labor day
Photay Inharmonious Slog Onism Astro Natuico 2017; Woodstock, NY; workers unite to dance electronic
Viktor Vaughn A Modern Day Mugging Vaudeville Villain Sound Ink 2003; London; (MF Doom) our rights have been stolen
Hot Sugar Frosted Glass The Melody of Dust Noise Collector 2017; NYC; stoned and frosted to years of corruption in capitalism
Gang Of Four Damaged Goods Entertainment! Warner Bros. 1979; London; send this gov't back, it's broken
Into It. Over It. Embracing Facts Proper s/r 2011; Chicago; the angst encourages us to stay strong with the facts
Wooden Veil Wooden People Wooden Veil Dekorder 2009; London; creep art rock devolves our conflict into a desperate and epic search for meaning and might
Tornado Wallace Voices Lonely Planet Running Back 2016; Melbourne; spacey nature folk meets reflective dance trance
ToKiMonsta Bibimbap single Young Art 2017
Auscultation of the Heart --- --- building the anxiety
M. Ward Rollercoaster Post-War Merge 2006
Belgrade protest --- ---