don't back the front

with dana k

the spitsPCTs/t2003
volcano sunsdot on a mapall night lotus party1986
marbled eyeobjectsep II2017
performing ferret bandfallen tyrants/t1981/2017
the pin groupcoatcompilation1981/1997
fatal microbesviolence grows7"1979
the mobanother day, another deathlet the tribe increase1983
public eyenew vicerelaxing favorites2017
pigbaggetting upvolume one1982/2010
reactasusmessthetics #11978
mothsmagazine look7"1980
3 teens kill 4circumscriptno motive1983/2017
from nursery to miserythe enemy is listeningpixies in the woods2017 (orig late 80s)
product of reasonyour songhousehold shocks1980/2016
use no hooksdo the jobcan't stop it! II2007 (orig early 80s)
glorious strangersmove it times/t1983
housewivesexcerpt 5F0611162017
magik markersbody rotboss2007
guerilla tossskull popgt ultra2017*
VCRscreamsplit w/lee paradise2014
the cowboythe cowboythe cowboy album2017
S-21brass gavelyear zero EP2016; RIP
urochromesconfront yanight bully EP2017*
whipwormi'm not nicea benefit comp to help pay medical bills for those activists fighting against fascism & racism2017;
wax museumsmosquitointroducing...2006
the crampshuman fly7"1978
IQ zeroinsects7"1979
no trendmindless little insectstoo many humans1983
the urinalsi'm a buganother EP1979
wirei am the flychairs missing1978
slowdiveno longer making timedead oceans2017*