don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, September 1, 2017
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
the spits PCT s/t 2003
volcano suns dot on a map all night lotus party 1986
marbled eye objects ep II 2017
performing ferret band fallen tyrant s/t 1981/2017
the pin group coat compilation 1981/1997
fatal microbes violence grows 7" 1979
the mob another day, another death let the tribe increase 1983
public eye new vice relaxing favorites 2017
pigbag getting up volume one 1982/2010
reacta sus messthetics #1 1978
moths magazine look 7" 1980
3 teens kill 4 circumscript no motive 1983/2017
from nursery to misery the enemy is listening pixies in the woods 2017 (orig late 80s)
product of reason your song household shocks 1980/2016
use no hooks do the job can't stop it! II 2007 (orig early 80s)
glorious strangers move it time s/t 1983
housewives excerpt 5 F061116 2017
magik markers body rot boss 2007
guerilla toss skull pop gt ultra 2017 *
liliput outburst s/t 1982
VCR scream split w/lee paradise 2014
the cowboy the cowboy the cowboy album 2017
S-21 brass gavel year zero EP 2016; RIP
urochromes confront ya night bully EP 2017 *
whipworm i'm not nice a benefit comp to help pay medical bills for those activists fighting against fascism & racism 2017;
wax museums mosquito introducing... 2006
the cramps human fly 7" 1978
IQ zero insects 7" 1979
no trend mindless little insects too many humans 1983
the urinals i'm a bug another EP 1979
wire i am the fly chairs missing 1978
brainbombs insects 7" 2007
slowdive no longer making time dead oceans 2017 *