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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Bell Orchestre Elephants As Seen Through Windows Arts & Crafts 2009; 2nd album; from Montreal
Tyrannosaurus Rex The Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat) The Unicorn Regal Zonophone 1969; 3rd album
Grizzly Bear Alligator Friend EP Warp 2007
Tom Waits Fish & Bird Alice Anti- / Epitaph 2002; majority of the songs were written for the play "Alice," directed by Robert Wilson, with whom Waits had previously worked on "The Black Rider" album
Simon & Garfunkel At the Zoo Bookends Columbia 1968; This is one of Paul Simon's many tributes to his hometown of New York City, and was written for the soundtrack of The Graduate, specifically the scene which takes place at the San Francisco Zoo. However, the song was not used in the film
Gentle Giant Black Cat Acquiring the Taste Vertigo 1971; 2nd studio album
The Tennors Ride Your Donkey Ride Your Donkey Studio One 1968; Jamaican rocksteady and reggae vocal group in the 1960s and '70s
Carla Bley Funnybird Song Tropic Appetites Watt 1974; 2nd Carla Bley album. The lyrics are contributed by Bley's friend Paul Haines, based on his journeys to Southeast Asia in the preceding years. Unlike on the orchestral Bley debut album, "Escalator Over the Hill," the band is an octet, with Julie Tippetts as lead vocalist.
They Might Be Giants Mammal Apollo 18 Elektra 1992; 4th studio album
Simon Bookish Alsatian Dog Everything/Everything Tomlab 2008; Simon Bookish is the stage name of Leo Chadburn, a British musician and composer, known for his work in experimental, electronic, pop and classical music. Features an ensemble of brass instruments, saxophones, Farfisa organ, piano and harp. Chadburn describes this album as "a big band song cycle about science and information"
Stephin Merritt The Meaning of Lice Plague Songs 4AD 2006; by various artists, about the ten Plagues of Egypt described in the Book of Exodus. The songs were originally commissioned by the British arts organisation Artangel for its project The Margate Exodus, which centers on a one-day event that took place in Margate on September 30th, 2006. Features Laurie Anderson, King Creosote, Robert Wyatt, Cody Chestnutt & more
Looper Bug Rain The Geometrid Jeepster 2000; 2nd studio album by this Scottish twee electronic group of Stuart David, former bassist of Belle & Sebastian, and Karn David
Yo La Tengo Season of the Shark Summer Sun Matador 2003; 10th studio album. Sharks.
XTC New Town Animal White Music Virgin 1978; Debut
Adrian Belew Big Electric Cat The Lone Rhino Island 1982; Solo debut
John Lurie SHARK DRIVE! Fishing with John Strange and Beautiful Music 1998
Tom Waits Swordfishtrombone Swordfishtrombones Island 1983 R
Chemicals Made From Dirt Lost In the Cave of Flying Dogs Ike Hyped2Death In the fall of 1978 two Ph.D. graduate students from Long Island--- Mark Riegner(Bass, Vocals, Evolution and Ecology), Doug Milman ( Guitar, Keyboard, and Clinical Psychology) and David Martin ( Drummer and Artist) began the avant absurd experiment
Sparks Strange Animal Exotic Creatures of the Deep Lil' Beethoven 2008; 21st album, unveiled at the culmination of "21 Nights" Festival
Adrian Belew Fish Head Twang Bar King Island 1983; 2nd solo album
Modest Mouse Wild Pack of Family Dogs The Moon & Antarctica Epic 2000
Fleet Foxes If You Need Tom Keep Time On Me Crack-Up Nonesuch 3rd studio album, first release in 6 years. 2017 *
Slowdive Slomo Slowdive Dead Oceans 2017; 1st album in 20 years! *
Brian Eno Fickle Sun III: I'm Set Free The Ship Warp 2016; 25th solo studio album
The Magnetic Fields I Think I'll Make Another World 50 Song Memoir Nonesuch 2017; 1 song for each year of Stephin Merritt's first 50 years of life.
Electric Guitar Quartet/ Tim Brady A Somewhat Eccentric Waltz Instruments of Happiness Starkland 2016
Fred Frith & John Butcher Faults of His Feet The Natural Order Northern Spy Records 2017
Cheer-Accident Track 29 Introducing Lemon Skin Graft 2002
Animal Collective Jimmy Mack The Painters EP Domino 2017 *
Orange Juice Turn Away Rip It Up Polydor 1982; 2nd album
Guerilla Toss Crystal Run GT Ultra DFA Records 2017 * R
The Myrrors Organ Mantra Hasta La Victoria Beyond Beyond is Beyond 2017; Tucson *
Charly Bliss Ruby Guppy Barsuk 2017 *