with indiegirl #542

for harold smith

Saturday, August 26, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
growing pains? heartache? try reverb
other shows

MY BLOODY VALENTINEglider (short version)glidercreation records1990
COCTEAU TWINSpersephonetreasure4ad1984
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAINthe living endpsychocandyreprise1985
LOOPforeverheaven's endhead1987
A.R. KANEwhen you're sadwhen you're sadone little indian1986
MY BLOODY VALENTINEi believefeed me with your kisscreation records1988
SLOWDIVEcelia's dreamjust for a daycreation records1991
ALL NATURAL LEMON & LIME FLAVORSyour imaginationturning into smallgern blandsten1998
LOVESLIESCRUSHINGvalerian (her voice honeyed)xuvetynprojekt1996
CHAPTERHOUSEpearlpearl epdedicated1991
THE BOO RADLEYSi wish i was skinnygiant stepscreation records1993
BLACK TAMBOURINEthrow aggi off the bridgethrow aggi off the bridge 7"audrey's diary1992
PINKSHINYULTRABLASTwish we wereeverything else mattersclub ac30, shelflife records2015
AIRIELjeanettewinks & kisses : meltedclairecords2004
CLAMSp-nut butter ironyclamsfinderpop2003
SHONEN KNIFEwhen you sleepyellow lovelesshigh fader records2013
SUPERCARdrivethree out change!!dohb discs1998
RIDEleave them all behindgoing blank againcreation records1992
MY BLOODY VALENTINEthornyou made me realise epcreation records1988
SLOWDIVE40 dayssouvlakicreation records1993
GUITARhoneyskyhoneyskythird ear recordings2004 R
TH' FAITH HEALERSreptile smilein lovetoo pure1991
THE TELESCOPESyou set my souls/tcreation records1992
ALISON'S HALOleecheyedazzler 1992-1996manufactured recordings1998/2017
SEEFEELpolyfusionquiquetoo pure1993
LAURIE ANDERSONwalking and fallingbig sciencewarner bros. records1982 R
A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOWin love with useless (the timeless geometry in the tradition of passing)sea when absentlefse records2014
XINLISUPREMEgoodbye for alltomorrow never comesfatcat records2002
COSMICDUSTswallowed in the seasnow noise assemblageself-released2006
THE ECSTASY OF ST. THERESAhoneyrainpigment epecstasy release, mrs. levi b1991
LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GODstarting overs/tdeep space recordings2008/2016
CHROMATICSinto the blackkill for loveitalians do it better2012
SLOWDIVEtrellisazepygmalioncreation records1995
DROP NINETEENSkick the tragedydelawarecaroline records1992
BELONGa walkcommon erakranky2011
MY BLOODY VALENTINEyou never shouldisn't anythingcreation records1988
FELTferdinand magellanballad of the band epcreation records1986
.O.RANGhoofields & wavesecho1997
ALAMEDA 5spectraduch tornadainstant classic2015
HAROLD BUDD & COCTEAU TWINSwhy do you love me?the moon and the melodies4ad1986
FLYING SAUCER ATTACKcome and close my eyesfurtherdomino1994
LOVESLIESCRUSHINGbones of angels: bronze-lit feathers / her tongue pulled outxuvetynprojekt1996
MY BLOODY VALENTINEwonder 2m b vmbv records2013

and just what will they think of next?