with indiegirl #542

for harold smith

Saturday, August 26, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
growing pains? heartache? try reverb
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Request
MY BLOODY VALENTINE glider (short version) glider creation records 1990
COCTEAU TWINS persephone treasure 4ad 1984
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN the living end psychocandy reprise 1985
LOOP forever heaven's end head 1987
A.R. KANE when you're sad when you're sad one little indian 1986
MY BLOODY VALENTINE i believe feed me with your kiss creation records 1988
SLOWDIVE celia's dream just for a day creation records 1991
ALL NATURAL LEMON & LIME FLAVORS your imagination turning into small gern blandsten 1998
LOVESLIESCRUSHING valerian (her voice honeyed) xuvetyn projekt 1996
CHAPTERHOUSE pearl pearl ep dedicated 1991
THE BOO RADLEYS i wish i was skinny giant steps creation records 1993
BLACK TAMBOURINE throw aggi off the bridge throw aggi off the bridge 7" audrey's diary 1992
PINKSHINYULTRABLAST wish we were everything else matters club ac30, shelflife records 2015
AIRIEL jeanette winks & kisses : melted clairecords 2004
CLAMS p-nut butter irony clams finderpop 2003
SHONEN KNIFE when you sleep yellow loveless high fader records 2013
SUPERCAR drive three out change!! dohb discs 1998
RIDE leave them all behind going blank again creation records 1992
MY BLOODY VALENTINE thorn you made me realise ep creation records 1988
SLOWDIVE 40 days souvlaki creation records 1993
GUITAR honeysky honeysky third ear recordings 2004 R
TH' FAITH HEALERS reptile smile in love too pure 1991
THE TELESCOPES you set my soul s/t creation records 1992
ALISON'S HALO leech eyedazzler 1992-1996 manufactured recordings 1998/2017
SEEFEEL polyfusion quique too pure 1993
LAURIE ANDERSON walking and falling big science warner bros. records 1982 R
A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW in love with useless (the timeless geometry in the tradition of passing) sea when absent lefse records 2014
XINLISUPREME goodbye for all tomorrow never comes fatcat records 2002
COSMICDUST swallowed in the sea snow noise assemblage self-released 2006
THE ECSTASY OF ST. THERESA honeyrain pigment ep ecstasy release, mrs. levi b 1991
LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD starting over s/t deep space recordings 2008/2016
CHROMATICS into the black kill for love italians do it better 2012
SLOWDIVE trellisaze pygmalion creation records 1995
DROP NINETEENS kick the tragedy delaware caroline records 1992
BELONG a walk common era kranky 2011
MY BLOODY VALENTINE you never should isn't anything creation records 1988
FELT ferdinand magellan ballad of the band ep creation records 1986
.O.RANG hoo fields & waves echo 1997
ALAMEDA 5 spectra duch tornada instant classic 2015
HAROLD BUDD & COCTEAU TWINS why do you love me? the moon and the melodies 4ad 1986
FLYING SAUCER ATTACK come and close my eyes further domino 1994
LOVESLIESCRUSHING bones of angels: bronze-lit feathers / her tongue pulled out xuvetyn projekt 1996
MY BLOODY VALENTINE wonder 2 m b v mbv records 2013

and just what will they think of next?