don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments
talk talk the rainbow/desire spirit of eden 1988
jim o'rourke eureka eureka 1999
jez and vini sleep will come from brussels with love 1986
einsturzende neubauten ein seltener vogel perpetuum mobile 2004
this heat not waving this heat 1979
faust fish fresh air 2017
rachel's water from the same source systems/layers 2003
brian eno everything merges with the night another green world 1975
roy montgomery slow heroes RMHQ 2016
arthur russell keeping up the world of arthur russell 2003
ac marias just talk one of our girls (has gone missing) 1989
mariah shonen utakata no hibi 1983
liquid liquid lock groove (in) successive reflexes 1981
dif juz crosswinds extractions 1985
terry riley descending moonshine dervishes (excerpt) descending moonshine dervishes 1982 (recorded 1975)