don't sub the front

with dana k

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
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stereolabbrittleswitched on 1992
the rubno sympathyday off from karma1999
the cowboysthe look on your facevolume 42017
radio birdmannew race7"1977
thee mighty caesarslittle by little12"1986
unrelated segmentswhere you gonna go?7"1967
the pandorasyou liethe girls can't help it1984 C
the lastshe don't know why i'm here7"1978
flamin' grooviesi can't hideshake some action1976
choo choo trainbriar rosebriar rose (singles 1988)1992
flatmatess/tsportscar girl1987
the rondellescatastrophefiction, romance, fast machines1998
ippshuman beings are garbagelife's a mess2017
terry8 girls7"2016
heliumleon's space songthe magic city1999
the groove farmthe best part of being with yousurfin' in the subway1987 C
the clientelejoseph cornellsuburban light2001
marden hillbardotsugarplums1996
high llamasthe goat looks ongideon gaye1994
baby lemonadesecret goldfish7"1987
josef kforever dronethe only fun in town1981
the styreneseverything near meit's artastic1991 (orig mid 70s)
dogmatic duogoing upmessthetics #81980/2002
new christsno way on earthdistemper1989
life stinkshanging from the ceiling7"2017
undertonesbilly's thirds/t1979
colin newmandon't bring remindersA-Z1980
the shifterscontrast of form7"2017
dudselastic feelof a nature or degree2017; forthcoming on castle face
talking headsdon 't worry about the governmenttalking heads 771977
moss limerock paperzoo du quebec2015
bona dish8 amthe zaragoza tapes1981/2013
androids of mubored housewivesblood robots1980
blurtmy mother was a friend of the enemy of the people7"1980
reptile compilation1979/2017
faustla pouliefresh air2017*
urochromesnight bullynight bully EP2017*
skull cultstab me with a knifevol 1 and vol 2 EP2017
leadersi am not a nixonhorrendous new wave2017; lumpy records comp of fake new wave bands - BEST THING OUT THIS YEAR
abjectsdouble bind7"2016
homostupidsthe donovan (chop chop chop)night deacon EP2010
warm bodiescharmer/i'm a snakemy burning love EP2017
blank spellnew untouchablemiasma2017
prom niteprize pigdancing to this beat2017
perverts againbald spot boyour big party2017
country teasersgolden applesdestroy all human life1999
flesh worlddestination mooninto the shroud2017; forthcoming on dark entries, also a solid space cover
the terminalsthe thing upstairs is not my mothertouch1993
roky ericksonred temple prayer (two headed dog)7"1975
red transistornot bite7"1977/1990
k. leimerentr'actea period of review2017*