with deirdre dionysiac

abduction at the trestle inn

Saturday, August 19, 2017
22:00 to 02:00
embellishing lived experience
other shows

PATRICIA ESCUDERO / ERIK SATIEpetite prelude a la journeesatie sonnieresormolycka1987/2016
ARIEL PINKtime to live..2017 (to be released in september on the upcoming album)
DESTROY ALL MONSTERSit hurts me1974 1976ecstatic peace1994
I MARC 4darknessshopping in carnaby streetsr records1968
JAMES FERRAROburning prius (for the world)skid rowbreak world records2015
M. ZALLA (PIERO UMILIANI)sanzionimondo inquietoblack sweat records1974/2016
THE SPACE LADYballroom blitzthe space lady's greatest hitsnight school2013 (orig. 1970s)
JOHNNY HAMMONDlos conquistadores chocolatesgearsmilestone records1975
JULEE CRUISEi rememberfloating into the nightwarner bros. records (heartbreakers)1989
BULGARIAN STATE RADIO & TELEVISION FEMALE VOCAL CHOIRpilentze peele mystere de voix bulgares4ad1986 (orig. 1975)
PATRICK COWLEYzygoteschool dazedark entries, hnytryx2013 (rec ~1973-81)

BAGARREfor your pleasurecircussauvage musique1982
RANDOMIZEmovilidad incesantecomo se divertiran los insectos?equilibrio1986/2017
GAIL LAUGHTONatlantis 21,000 b.c.harps of the ancient templesrapture1969
SUICIDEkeep your dreamssuicideblast first1998 (orig. 1977)
YELLOyou gotta say yes to another excessyou gotta say yes to another excessstiff records1983
PIERRE DUTOURwild trumpetsthe music library: graphic art and soundfuel2005
SAINKHO NAMTCHYLAKwho stole the sky?who stole the sky?ponderosa music & art2004
LFOwe are backfrequencieswarp records1991
LAURIE ANDERSONsomeone else's dreamthe ugly one with the jewels and other storieswarner bros. records (true beys)1995
DAVE BALL & GENESIS P-ORRIDGEsincerityin strict temposome bizarre1983
>>>YUTAKA HIROSEhumming the seasoundscape 2: novamisawa home1986
BRUNO NICOLAIyour vice is a locked room & only i have the keyyour vice is a locked room & only i have the key (7")finders keepers2014 (orig. 1972)
TAFO ft. NAHID AKHTAR with MEHDI HASSAN and A. NAYYARzambo zambo"life is dance!" (plugged-in sounds of wonder at the pakistani picture house)finders keepers2011
ZYXtrust no womantrust no womandark entries1981/2016
OSAMU SHOJItrade windsnight flightphilips1979
CHRIS & COSEYlamentsongs of love & lustrough trade1984
CELIA SHAPIRO & BENNY POWELLceah the wizardvideo arts musictellus (#17)1987
BRIAN BRAINi'm suffocatingunexpected noisessecret records1980
BLACK DEVILone to choosedisco clubrca1978
JAMES FERRAROstreet freakskid rowbreak world records2015
FOODMANkikicouldworkorange milk records2015
FRANCESCO MESSINArussian tea roommedio occidentecasablanca1983
JULEE CRUISEi float alonefloating into the nightwarner bros.1989

a new day & an old night
IDENTIFIED PATIENTthe female medical college of pennsylvaniathe female medical college of pennsylvaniacommon thread2016
ZOMBIES UNDER STRESSi brought you a new worldkatacombe vol. 5industria tepa1985
IHOR CYMBROWS'KYJuntitledmusic the world does not seenefryt2000
M. ZALLA (PIERO UMILIANI)sotto il talonemondo inquietoblack sweat records1974/2016
3F=Ctokimeki ("throbbing")to ma do i ("awfully")r.b.f records1984
SOLID SPACEtenth planetspace museumin phaze records1982/2017
DIZZY JOGHURTanorak co-lainside out upside downk.o.g.a. records1998
THE BIBSfine winefrom the fish housessoft abuse2016
BOREDOMSmangunbad sun rising iinipp guitar1995
FASTBACKSwhen i'm oldzuckersub pop1993
SARA GOES POPmy pal the crooks/tit's war boys1982
CORROSIVE CROWDinsektenliebeinsektenliebec.c. records1980
DOXA SINISTRAthe other strangerconveyer-beltadn, trumpett1985
CRISTINAmama mias/tze records, island records1980
THE LIVING JARBOEscorpiondisburden discipleno label2000
THROBBING GRISTLEalmost a kisspart two - the endless notmute2007
MIEKO SHIOMIrequiem for george maciunasrequiem for george maciunasself-released cassette1990
ALAN HAWKSHAWwave-formsterrestrial journeybruton music1978
CLEANERS FROM VENUSyou must be out of my mindgoing to englandrca1987
SUGAI KENmukashi ("old days")nian shang ("on the quakefish")lullabies for insomniacs2016
ALEX ZHANG HUNGTAIparis means nothing to me without youknave of heartsascetic house2016
BULGARIAN STATE RADIO & TELEVISION FEMALE VOCAL CHOIRkalimankou denkou (la veillee)le mystere de voix bulgares4ad1986 (orig. 1975)
JULEE CRUISEthe world spinsfloating into the nightwarner bros. records1989
CROATIAN AMORlove means taking actionlove means taking actionposh isolation2016

dance the space between yourself and others into oblivion (the disc jockey nods in approval, unsure whether she loves you or her filter)