The Runaway Train Show

with Casey Jones

with special guests LINE LEADER

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Squirrel Bait Sun God Squirrel Bait Homestead Nicky said a line leader song reminded him of this
Television Marquee Moon Marquee Moon Elektra
Past Life Monsters Triple Nothing self-release
Squirrel Bait Sun God Squirrel Bait Homestead Nicky said a line leader song reminded him of this
Sass Dragons Workhorse Bonkaroo Let's Pretend
Sass Dragons Dopesmoker Bonkaroo Let's Pretend
Meatbodies Touchless Alice In the Red
Tasty Face Walking in the Snow Tasty Face self-release
Hoser Ricky the Acid King Usually Crashes, Rarely Works self-release
The Cramps The Way I Walk Gravest Hits Illegal R
line leader Gemini Divide Live on WPRB WPRB touring east coast this august
line leader Premonition Live on WPRB WPRB Philly tomorrow, NYC this weekend
line leader Fox Live on WPRB WPRB + plus a few dates in PA, all with Cerulean Blue
line leader Dale Live on WPRB WPRB
The Bags Survive All Bagged Up: Collected Works 1977-1980 Artfix C
Man or Astroman? Reverb 10,000 Detstroy All Astromen Estrus
Fuzz One Live in San Francisco Castle Face
Oh Sees Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster Floating Coffin Castle Face
St. Vincent Prince Johnny St. Vincent Loma Vista
Deerhoof Offend Maggie Offend Maggie Kill Rock Stars
Jackie Paper Into Oblivion X self-released
mclusky Alan Is a Cowboy Killer Mclusky Do Dallas Too Pure
Cigarettes After Sex Sweet Cigarettes After Sex Partisan *
Cabo Boing Bot Eye/Nitwit of Gizmo Live on WPRB WPRB originally aired Friday on Don't Back the Front (8:00pm) *
Power Power Electric Glitter Boogie In the Red *
Spacemen 3 Revolution Playing with Fire Bomp!
The Homeless Gospel Choir Holiday Song I Used to Be So Young A-F
Branden Bauer A Jamais Comme Ca Forever, Just Like This self-release
Bjork Declare Independence Volta Elektra R
Man Forever Ten Thousand Things Play What They Want Thrill Jockey *
Clan of Xymox Time Clan of Xymox 4AD
Ween Your Party La Cucaracha Rounder R
Vinyl Williams Mercurial Cestiges Brunei Company
White Hills Attack Mode Stop Mute Defeat Thrill Jockey *