Shh!, No Talking

with DJ Dewey

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
11:00 to 13:00
a l'il bit of everything. the most (lit)erary show
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Hanna-Barbera Flinstones (Meet the Flinstones) Opening + Closing Credits _ youtube
Vivien Leigh (and voice actors) The Tale of Peter Rabbit The Tale of Peter Rabbit
J.K. Randall intimacy (a polemic) Open Space 10 Open Space
Helios Creed Monster Lust Superior Catholic Finger Subterranean Records this rocks.... so hard.
Joe Garrasco & M.M. Love Sex For Sale (Other Mix) Action EP Dark Entries *
Bora Yoon Jansori Pansori Sunken Cathedral Innova
Joan of Arc A Man Needs A Maid s/t 7" Polyvinyl
Jenn Grant Lion With Me Paradise Ba Da Bing! *
Jason Lescalleet reception to the teeth Glistening Examples *
Heavenly Hearts and Crosses P.U.N.K. Girl K
Vicki Anderson No More Heartaches, No More Pain Nothing But Funk Vol. 4 Funky People C
Grupo Oz Black Woman Miss Thing Secret Stash
Toro Y Moi Labyrinth Boo Boo Carpark
Les Negresses Vertes Marcelle Ratafia + La danse des negresses MIah Sire
Heart Land Uhltz S/t Cream of Turner
Clan of Xymox Stranger s/t Relativity
Retsin Five Down Four Sounds of the Geographically Challenged: Summer Solstice 1997 Temporary Residence C
Wingtip Sloat Leap Into My Velvet Arms Why Do You Think They Call It Pop? C
Hog Leg / Palace Bros James Infirmary / Don't I Look Good Today Louisville Sluggers III Self Destruct C
Warema KK! Sicodelia Nait Indice de Desemplo Hueso
Son House Death Letter Blues Capitol Blues Collection Capitol 1995
Modern Lovers Someone I Care About s/t
Fudge Montpelier Train Station Neopolitan Metropolitan simple machines C
21-645 Babble Laughing At the Gound Propeller C
Charly Bliss DQ + Gatorade Guppy Barsuk *
X Mal Deutschland polarlicht title sequenz exile
Stick Insects Crash Circular Scratch Teen Beat
Man Forever (feat. Laurie Anderson) Twin Torches Play What They Want Thrill Jockey *
The Pope Live Aids Split 10" w/ Bipolar Bear
The Velvet Underground The Black Angel's Death Song The Velvet Underground
Bipolar Bear Calypso Vacation Split 10" w/ The Pope
Unearthly Trance phoenir undead Eleven Are the Voices Land O Smiles