with chaotic neutral

i am sad

Tuesday, August 15, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
edria your blue room regret s/r
ducktails the flower lane the flower lane domino
my bloody valentine when you sleep loveless creation
eels spectacular girl tomorrow morning vagrant
electric tickle machine somethin else blew it again s/r
dynamite club spiritual it's deeper than most people actually think... funhole
white lung down it goes deep fantasy domino
the walking ruins stalin's crayon fall of the house of ruin gulcher records
white night al weird night burger records
directions [track 1] in music thrill jockey
whale noises whale noises whale noises whale noises whale noises
yellow swans [track 1] dreamed yellow swans PACrec/deleted art
robert wyatt stay tuned comic opera domino
the dutchess and the duke let it die sunset/sunrise hardly art
desmond dekker israelites black and dekker stiff
eastern stars little punk july 5th, 1961 mental monkey
elf power paralyzed in a cave rykodisc
molly drake love isn't a right molly drake squirrel thing
wedding dress heirlooms desperate glow lovitt records
wand reaper invert golem in the red
earthless godspeed a-e rhythms from a cosmic sky tee pee records
dj stingray cytokines sounds of the universe soul jazz
m & g when i let you down when i let you down 12" dark entries *
wildlife control disguise wildlife control s/r
jason willett & ron anderson floppy zingtoo be the first on the block to eat the snake ra sounds
anamanaguchi prom night endless fantasy s/r
devon williams tower of thought euphoria slumberland
wet confetti dazzle of dynamite laughing gasping pampelmoose
eastern fox squirrels long conversations with trees and fireflies at dusk s/t last visible dog
hisato higuchi [side 1] henzai family vineyard
tibetan singing bowl meditation tibetan singing bowl meditation tibetan singing bowl meditation tibetan singing bowl meditation
heavy winged the hum of the universe fields within fields three lobed
japan shamisen music japan shamisen music japan shamisen music japan shamisen music
scott walker and sun lullaby soused 4ad
halshug kvaelende frygt blodets band southern lord
the beach bullies underwater torture we rule the universe manufactured
jack white would you fight for my love? lazaretto third man
dark seas dream behind the eyes s/t prophase
palm walnut shadow expert ep carpark *
we are scientists what you do best tv en francais dine alone