Take Me in Your Procrustean Bed

with deirdre dionysiac

ornamenting la monte young's lines, center screen

Monday, August 14, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
excerpts from the final recording session
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
LUIGI RUSSOLO serenata per intonarumori e strumenti . . 1920
FRANCIS BEBEY super jingle african electronic music 1975-1982 born bad records 2011
JOHN BAKER orbit the john baker tapes volume 1 trunk records 2008
PRITSTIK pritstik (1987) murder in the recording studio none 1987
CAL TJADER fried bananas solar heat skye records 1968
MICHELE MERCURE dreamclock / proteus and the marlin eye chant freedom to spend 2017 (orig. 1986)
>>>BOHDAN MAZUREK daisy story sentinel hypothesis bolt (polish radio experimental studio series) 2010 (orig 1977-79)
>>>LA MONTE YOUNG drift study 4:37:40-5:09:50 pm 5 viii 68 nyc drift study kikusui 2005 (orig. 1968)
HUGH LE CAINE dripsody pioneer in electronic music instrument design: compositions and demonstrations 1948-1972 jwd music 1985 (song 1955)
MALCOLM CLARKE bath time the radiophonic workshop bbc records 1975
SINN SISAMOUTH under the sound of rain don't think i've forgotten: cambodia's lost rock and roll dust-to-digital 2016 (orig. 50s-70s?)
DELIA DERBYSHIRE time on our hands bbc radiophonic workshop 21 bbc records 1979
DELIA DERBYSHIRE freeze frame . . .
DICK RAAIJMAKERS contrasts electronic music philips 1958
HALIM EL-DABH leiyla and the poet columbia-princeton electronic music center columbia masterworks 1964
HOLY TOY marmur warszawa uniton records 1982
STEVE REICH // SONIC YOUTH pendulum music ohm: the early gurus of electronic music ellipsis arts 2000 (composition 1968)
TREVOR WISHART vision beach singularity & menagerie york electronic studios 1979
BOHDAN MAZUREK bozzetti sentinel hypothesis bolt (polish radio experimental studio series) 2010 (orig. 1967)
>>>ALFRED SCHNITTKE steam . . 1969
PIERRE DUTOUR deer forest top fiction tele music 1979
BERNARD PARMEGIANI hors phase l'oeil ecoute / dedans-dehors recollection grm 2012 (rec. 1977)
VLADIMIR USSACHEVSKY wireless fantasy wireless fantasy and other selections eav lexington 1974 (rec. 1960)
MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA spacecraft (excerpt) live electronic music improvised mainstream 1970
FRANCOIS BAYLE rosace 3 50 ans d'acousmatique ina-grm 2012
PAUL PIGNON hendrix (excerpt) elektronski studio radio beograda pgp rtb 1985
OSAMU KITAJIMA masterless samurai masterless samurai alfa 1980
JEAN-PIERRE RAMPAL & LILY LASKINE itsuki no komoriuta sakura (japanese melodies for flute and harp) cbs masterworks 1978
RETURN TO FOREVER the romantic warrior romantic warrior columbia 1976
DROPATI manikdhar jhabeeya let's sing & dance with dropati windsor records .
DANIEL J. WHITE brouillard sur bruges mystere bleute editions montparnasse 2000 1978
JEAN FRANCAIX l'heure du berger (i. les vieux beaux) . . 1948
LA MONTE YOUNG & THE THEATER OF ETERNAL MUSIC b flat dorian blues b flat dorian blues unofficial 2015
DRUPATEE RAMGOONAI lick down mi nani (careless driver) down in sando spice island records 1993
FAZ soap opera wife homebrew self-released 1978
>>>CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS i'm a comin' lord, i'm a comin highly bred and sweetly tempered north east indie 2004
PRITSTIK ooboopidoo murder in the recording studio none (emphatically none) 1987

one centigrade above automation, and no more