oops i inked again

with kid squid

just a squid and some squiddy tunes

Thursday, August 10, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request
palm two toes shadow expert ep carpark *
b boys fade dada captured tracks *
stereolab three dee melodie mars audiac quintet elektra R
kerry leimer malaise a period of review *
faust fish fresh air bureau b *
happyness anytime write in bar none *
adult mom patience soft spots tiny engines *
emilys sassy lime transistor no way desperate, scared, but social
the butchies 17 make yr life
bratmobile what's wrong with you girls get busy
sneaks not my combination it's a myth
x-ray spex art-i-ficial germ free adolescents
french vanilla evolution of a friendship s/t *
mommy long legs sad dudes life rips
x soul kitchen los angeles
elastica s.o.f.t. s/t
misfits dig up her bones american psycho R
the space lady synthesize me the space lady by amazing thingz
algebra suicide little dead bodies feminine squared
washer figure me out here comes washer
the modern lovers she cracked roadrunner
connie converse father neptune how sad, how lovely
jawbreaker reunion e.m.o. lutheran sisterhood gun club
gobbinjr i hate gimmicks(i am always underground) manalang
mitski last words of a shooting star bury me at makeout creek
life without buildings sorrow any other city
picastro pig & sucker become secret
the roches married men s/t
emmylou harris didn't leave nobody but the baby o brother where art thou soundtrack
talking heads heaven (live) stop making sense
i tried to run away when was six what the heck s/t
brian eno kings lead hat before and after science
kate bush suspended in gaffa the dreaming
QUARTERBACKS sportscenter s/t
terry riley in c in c (2009 re-release)