with deirdre dionysiac

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
witches & droogs
other shows

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DANIEL LENTZwolf is dead...on the leopard altaricon records1984
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CLAIRE HAMILLsummer: afternoon in a wheatfieldvoicescoda records1986
FOCUShay-hayzulu epcrown ruler records2017 (orig. 1982)
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FOLKE RABEargh!argh!kning disk, hall tjaften2006
THE FLOWERS OF HELLblumchencome hell or high waterbenbecula2009
FAUSTno harmso farpolydor1972
THE FLEXIBLESwhen i was 86pink everythingnight school2016
JANNICK TOPutopia vivasoleil d'orkutopic records2001 (rec. 1975)
GRUPPO D'IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZAbalinientecometa edizioni musicali2010
>>> MAMMAN SANI ABDOULAYEya bismillahtaarittsahel sounds2014 (rec. 1985-88)
LINO CAPRA VACCINAantico adagioantico adagiodie schachtel2017 (orig. 1978)
SUSSAN DEYHIM / RICHARD HOROWITZishtardesert equations: azax attracrammed discs1986
POPOL VUHwe know about the needspirit of peaceone way static records2017 (orig. 1985)
PRISCILLA ERMELcorpo de ventocampo de sonhoseldorado1982
ISAO TOMITAarabesque no. 1snowflakes are dancing: the newest sound of debussyrca red seal1974
FLEETING JOYSi want more lifedespondent transponderonly forever recordings2006
A.R. KANEupup home!rough trade1988
THE FIELD MICEit isn't foreverskywritingsarah records1990
NOBUKAZU TAKEMURAmirrors like a lakefinale : for issey miyake men by naoki takizawawea japan, aka records1999