music for earmuffs

with deirdre dionysiac

sincerity lies at the outer limits of obscurity

Saturday, August 5, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
witches & droogs
other shows

FELIX KUBINhellomatki wandalkia-musik2004
FRONT 242special forcesno commentanother side1984
FIVE TIMES OF DUSTsmile with the eyessmile with the eyesminimal wave2013 (orig. 1983 "the black tape"), dragging with the lips
CALIBANdigital reggaedigital reggae / supernatural magicmusic from memory2017 (orig. 1984)
THE FLEXIBLESpink everythingpink everythingnight school2016
FAT DAYking (excerpt) & poltroonmy name is i hate you100% breakfast1995
DOG POLICEi'm butchs/tmusic masters, ltd.1982
WIN OOeain met pa gyima ma moe?1990
THE MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FASTrow boatg'arage d'orextreme1991
FASTBACKSall about nothingzuckersub pop1993
FAMILY FODDERdinosaur sexScHiZoPhReNiA pArTy !fresh records1981
ASTER AWEKEyekosin bahirzafaster's balladskabu records, inc.2004
FANTOMAS.suspended animationipecac recordings2005
RATKILLERwave morph appareldreamhammerrotifer cassettes2017
FAMOUS EXPLORERSboy detectivesboy detectives 7"aquamarine records1980
FABIO "FABOR" BORGAZZIacheroonpape satanhard1980
THE FIBONACCISterrorvisionrepressed: the best of the fibonaccis 1981-1987restless records1992 (orig. 1986)
FRANCO MICALIZZItensione sommessai due volti della paurapegaso srl1972
THE KRUSH GROOVE ALL STARSkrush groovin' (edit)krush groovin'warner bros. records (yeesh)1985, & noodling with a text-to-speech app R
SCARShorrorshowadult/ery / horrorshow 7"fast product1979
THE FAKESproductionproduction 7"deep cuts records1979
TERRY RILEYhappy ending (excerpt)happy endingwarner bros. records (eegads)1972
FLOSSIE AND THE UNICORNSthe men with a million recordsl m n o pskin graft, rhinestone1998
ELISA WAUTunraths/tstatik records1985
MICHAL TURTLEspooky boogiephantoms of dreamlandmusic from memory2016 (orig. 80s)
FALL OF SAIGONon the beach at fontanauntitleddark entries2013 (orig. 1982)
FUTURISKlonely streetsplayer pianominimal wave2010 (orig. 1982)
FACIThippomobilemandag mon amourwaving hands2016
GIGI MASIN & ALESSANDRO MONTIsnake theorythe wind collectordivergo1991/2016
BARK PSYCHOSISpendulum manhexcirca1994
FISHMANS.long seasonuniversal music, polydor1996/2016
FELTa preacher in new englandthe splendour of fearcherry red1984