oops i inked again

with kid squid

just a squid and some squiddy tunes

Thursday, August 3, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
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1 mile northreturn to from where we cameminor shadows
scout niblettmiss my lionsweet heart fever
mutiny mutinyno stay of executionconstellation
one last wishbreak to broken1986
nymbneed for attentionso, this is how it is
red dye no. 5heart of glass (blondie cover)7"
salem 66across the sea7"
the salteens pleasing7"
saturday looks good to mehiding7"
nudge squidfishmascara & syphillisshitcanned
refrigeratorlets get out of hererocking horse loser
seamdays of thunderdays of thunder 7"
adult momsurvivalmomentary lapse
minutemencohesiondouble nickels on the dime
slothrusthorseshoe crabeveryone else
no joyeverything newmore faithful
tara jane oneilhowlyou sound, reflect
do make say thinkwar on terrorstubborn persistent illusions*
rip offwild oats7"
b boysdisciplinedada*
morphinehanging on a curtainlike swimming
french vanillahonestys/t*
aye nakoparticle macesilver haze
big blackthe modelsongs about fricking
the dbsblack and whitestands for decibels
lowsunflowerthings we lost in the fire
mumblrsoberfull of snakes
noxagtthurmastonthe iron point
niagara fallsmanmythmanzwei
needsrescue dons/t
downtroddermiller lowlifes/t ep*
s21brass gavelyear zero ep
notsblack moldwe are nots
sabalon glitzorpheum7"
raw ponybo diddleys/t 7"
no neck blues bandthe natural bridgesticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me
northern lightsnorthern railtake you to the sky
dan sartainwho's sorry now7"