oops i inked again

with kid squid

just a squid and some squiddy tunes

Thursday, August 3, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album New
1 mile north return to from where we came minor shadows
scout niblett miss my lion sweet heart fever
mutiny mutiny no stay of execution constellation
one last wish break to broken 1986
nymb need for attention so, this is how it is
red dye no. 5 heart of glass (blondie cover) 7"
salem 66 across the sea 7"
the salteens pleasing 7"
saturday looks good to me hiding 7"
nudge squidfish mascara & syphillis shitcanned
refrigerator lets get out of here rocking horse loser
seam days of thunder days of thunder 7"
adult mom survival momentary lapse
minutemen cohesion double nickels on the dime
slothrust horseshoe crab everyone else
no joy everything new more faithful
tara jane oneil howl you sound, reflect
do make say think war on terror stubborn persistent illusions *
rip off wild oats 7"
b boys discipline dada *
morphine hanging on a curtain like swimming
french vanilla honesty s/t *
aye nako particle mace silver haze
big black the model songs about fricking
the dbs black and white stands for decibels
low sunflower things we lost in the fire
mumblr sober full of snakes
noxagt thurmaston the iron point
niagara falls manmythman zwei
needs rescue don s/t
hole dicknail 7"
downtrodder miller lowlife s/t ep *
s21 brass gavel year zero ep
nots black mold we are nots
sabalon glitz orpheum 7"
raw pony bo diddley s/t 7"
schlong dreams tumours
no neck blues band the natural bridge sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me
northern lights northern rail take you to the sky
dan sartain who's sorry now 7"