We All Woke Up Late

with Aida


Monday, July 31, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
I Don't Understand (This Affinity For Disorder)
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Artist Song Album Comments
Philip Glass Knee Play 1 Einstein On The Beach
Kim Fowley I Was A Communist For The FBI The Day The Earth Stood Still
Miles Davis Honky Tonk Get Up With It
Black Flag Your Last Affront (Instrumental) The Process of Weeding Out (this is actually a good black flag song, highly recommended, henry rollins free!!)
Jon Appleton & Don Cherry OBA Human Music
Bobby Beausoleil Lucifer Rising Lucifer Rising
Ed Askew City of Glass Little Eyes
Roscoe Holcomb Man of Constant Sorrow An Untamed Sense Of Control
Planning for Burial Wearing Sadness and Regret Upon Our Faces Leaving
Flying Saucer Attack Beach Red Lullaby Chorus