with alma apollonian

we are whole now

Monday, July 31, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
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FABIO "FABOR" BORGAZZIidolo morescoaquariumsonor music editions1980/2015
DAPHNE ORAMrotolockoramics (1958-1977)paradigm discs2007
FINIS AFRICAEmanaguas/tgrabaciones accidentales1985
ROMANO MUSSOLINI TRIOmiragemiragepdu1974, the third son. had a fondness for painting clowns, and "when the saints go marching in." motives unclear.
ICHIKO HASHIMOTOsculptured bluebeautydomo1984

BREAK: emahoy tsegue-maryam guebrou "ballad of the spirits"
DOLLY MIXTUREin your eyesdemonstration tapes (1979-1983)self-released1984
REXYperfect dayrunning out of timelucky number / uru1981/2016
SENSATIONS' FIXfragments of lightmusic is painting in the air (1974 - 1977)rvng intl.2012
ELIAS RAHBANImy lovely elenamusic of the orient (nai, buzuk & guitar)parlophone, voix de l'orient1972
FRANCIS BEBEYfleur tropicalafrican electronic music 1975-1982born bad records2011 (orig. 1976)
FRANCIS THE GREATlook up in the skyravissante babyhot casa records1977/2015

BREAK: forrest fang "the luminous crowd"
DEUTSCHE WERTARBEITauf engelsflugelns/tsky records1981
DANIEL LENTZis it loveon the leopard altaricon records1984
MICHELE MUSSER (reissued as MICHELE MERCURE)100% bridal illusioneye chantfreedom to spend1986/2017
RANDOMIZEguitarrascomo se divertiran los insectos?equilibrio1986/2017
SHOKUHIN MATURI a.k.a. FOODMANure piiiez minzokunoumenal loom2016
JAMES FERRAROuntitled #3jarvid 9: kava jar racenew age tapes2009, mind-melt
IPPU-DOrain in my heartnight mirageepic, sony1983
GAIL LAUGHTONatlantis 21,000 b.c.harps of the ancient templesrapture1969
DAVID CASPERtantra-latantra-lahummingbird records1982

BREAK: talking over casper.
ERKIN KORAYcemalimelektronik turkulerdogan plat, pharaway sounds1974/2013
DAPHNE ORAMsnoworamics (1958-1977)paradigm discs2007, gaaaah, so great.
DICKIE GOODMANpainenergy crisis '79 / pain (7")hotline records1979
THE 2X4'Sbridgeport lathebridgeport lathe (7")bessemer process1980
TATSURO YAMASHITAfunky flushin'moonglowair records1979
PATRICK COWLEYi wanna take you homemegatron manmegatone records1981
FABIO "FABOR" BORGAZZIgioielloaquariumsonor music editions1980/2015
DAVID HYKES & THE HARMONIC CHOIRtwo poles; ascenthearing solar windsocora1983

PARTING SHOTS: mal waldron's "warm canto"
DAVID ASTRIsafe and sounddo it rightaward records1983