while enemies, nodding with their plumes, fan you in despair

with deirdre dionysiac

to the marketplace...

Saturday, July 29, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
it's only noise
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
DIRTY BEACHES lone runner lone runner 7" suicide squeeze 2011
DESTROY ALL MONSTERS it hurts me / whistle space 74-76 compound annex records 2009
CUPOL like this for ages like this for ages 4ad 1980

OPENER: Arseny Avraamov's "March of the Workers' Funeral"
EYES eniwetok taqn artifix records, dangerhouse 2009 (orig. 1979)
THE ECSTASY OF ST. THERESA who's pigment ecstasy release, mrs. levi b 1991, early czech shoegaze
THE DANCING CIGARETTES mr. morse the dancing cigarettes 7" gulcher records 1981
A. K. KLOSOWSKI / PYROLATOR you know, i need... home-taping is killing music bureau b 1985/2013
CRAWLING WITH TARTS plowing and tilling media myth (tellus #20) tellus 1988
DEZERTER szara rcezczywistosc ("drab reality") underground out of poland maximumrocknroll 1987
THE EARTH HELL BAND devil's skull witches on holiday outside records 1986
HIEROGLYPHIC BEING & J.I.T.U. AHN-SAHM-BUHL we are not the first we are not the first rvng intl. 2015
GUERRILLA TOSS dose rate gt ultra dfa 2017 *
. locked grooves rrr500 recommended 1998
DNA little ants you & you 7" medical records 1978

BREAK: locked groove
SENSATIONS' FIX cold nose part 3, movement 3 / music is painting music is painting in the air (1974 - 1977) rvng intl. 2012 *
VOIGT/465 state slights still unspoken (selected recordings 1978-1979) mental experience 2017 *
DIE KRUPPS stahlwerksynfonie stahlwerksynfonie zickzack platten 1981
DESTROY ALL MONSTERS you can't kill kill 74-76 compound annex records 2009
ELA ORLEANS neverend double feature night people 2011
A.C. MARIAS so drop / so 7" dome records 1981
BRENDA HUTCHINSON interlude from voices of reason music with memory (tellus #9) tellus 1985
R.L. BURNSIDE tojo told hitler a ass pocket of whiskey matador 1996
EMERALDS science center does it look like i'm here? editions mego 2010
DISCO INFERNO even the sea sides against us d.i. go pop rough trade 1994

BREAK: silence & words
ESMECTATONS untitled 08 no sound is useless . 2015
L'EDARPS A MOTH ich warte auf ein zeichen von dir ich liebe mich buro fur akute planung 1989
L'ENSEMBLE RAYE justine titgoutte vis-a-vis movers les disques rayes 2001
EGBERTO GISMONTI karate circense emi 1980
DISKETTE ROMANCES eden / fentanyl flowers s/t sunup recordings 2012
EXUMA dambala s/t mercury 1970
ENNO VELTHUYS ontmoeting 08 ontmoeting kubus kassettes 1982
EQUAL LOCAL 12 ways to go 12 ways to go powderworks, missing link 1982
ENDE SHNEAFLIET midnight train animals from outer space trumpett 1981, played before equal local
ETANT DONNES mon coeur mon coeur vita nova 1986
ELLEN FULLMAN / KONRAD SPRENGER empty building ort choose records 2004
ELODIE en dehors de toi grisailles la scie doree 2016
TOPS driverless passenger picture you staring arbutus records 2014
JULEE CRUISE rockin' back inside my heart floating into the night warner bros. 1989

BREAK: erik enocksson "the sea waltz" & "the lingering procession"
DIRTY BEACHES alone at the danube river drifters / love is the devil zoo music 2013
GROUPER stuck dragging a dead deer up a hill type 2008
DIRTY BEACHES like the ocean we part drifters / love is the devil zoo music 2013
DIP IN THE POOL silence silence rough trade 1986
DIRTY THREE authentic celestial music ocean songs touch and go 1998