don't back the front

with dana k

the midnight circusobsession and guiltrichard, roger, rodney, rastus, raoul, roderick, randy and rupert2011; orig early 80s (previously unreleased)
the passagedrugfaceenflame1983
echo and the bunnymensilverocean rain1984
absolute body controlbaby's on fires/t1981
eyeless in gazathe decorationcaught in flux1981
dif juzno motionlonely is an eyesore1987
a sudden swaydon't go7"1980
belgradoraz dwaobraz2016
tuxedomoon59 to 1half-mute1980
adn' ckrystalltam tam sambajazz mad1982/2012
o yuki conjugatedisco songclose to the noise floor2016; orig early 80s
xerothe girlslust in the dust1982
coilostia (the death of pasolini)horse rotorvator1986
marching churchup for daystelling it like it is2016
the pridsyou as the colorantlove zero2003
b boysfadedada2017*
the namesi wish i could speak your language7"1981
psychic teensdusthex2017*
the danse societyseen the lightdemos vol 1. 2011; orig early 80s
sad lovers and giantscolourless dreamepic garden music1982
total controlhuntertypical system2014
rubella balleta dream of honeyballet bag2017; orig 80s*
magazinerecoilreal life1978
oto anywayEP1984
corrosive crowdinsektenliebesubnormal girls vol 22016; orig 1980
abecedariansthe misery of citieseureka1986